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Tips for having the safest online shopping experience

Woman using her credit card to shop online

Online shopping is undeniably fun. After all, who can resist the excitement of a package showing up at their door? Unfortunately, the internet is rife with security threats that only increase every year, and most people aren’t up-to-date on how to keep themselves safe. Nobody wants to get scammed, but the more aware we are of cybercrime, the more we can work to anticipate our weak points and protect against it.

In your search for safety and security when shopping online, product protection is a great place to start. Extended warranty plans offer coverage against all types of accidents, damage, or anything else that might happen to your products.

What are some tips for having the safest online shopping experience?

Whatever your knowledge of web security is, from novice to professional, these tools will help you keep your online shopping habits safe and the rest of your online life even safer.

The password is password 

These days, it’s not enough to dream up a new password and type it into all of your login boxes. Instead, let Lastpass password generator do the work for you. This tool creates unique passwords for each of your accounts and keeps track of them.

You put yourself at extra risk when you use the same password across different websites. If someone hacks into one of your accounts, they then have the capacity to hack into all of your accounts. Once you’ve downloaded the Lastpass app, you’ll never have to worry about weak passwords again.

Follow the money 

Going over your bank statement with a fine-toothed comb isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of a good time, but it can really keep you safe when it comes to online shopping. By keeping track of your bank statements, you'll notice if there are any purchases you didn’t sanction, and you can quickly alert your bank to the fraud.

Unfortunately, identity theft is a rising threat today. The natural step is to take measures to protect your online identity. Allstate identity protection helps protect against digital fraud at a fair price, with plans beginning at just $10 per month. Keep your information safe and protect against leaked information with one of the most trusted names in security.

Head up your protection with Mulberry 

Last but certainly not least, product protection is an important piece of the online shopping experience. With MulberryCare, you can shop for product protection and additional rewards at the same time. The Mulberry browser extension is free to use and easy to download, and you’ll be able to access all savings and protections immediately.

By taking all of these steps and remaining consistent and diligent, you can feel confident that you'll be safe and secure when shopping online.

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