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How to protect your MacBook Air

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If you’re a MacBook Air owner, chances are you use it every day. Whether you typically pull out your MacBook Air for work or tote it around on the go, you want to make sure it's is protected to avoid hefty MacBook Air repair costs. But how can you ensure you’ve properly protected your MacBook Air? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best ways to do that.

And while you’re thinking about protection, don’t forget to purchase a MacBook Air warranty. Although Apple offers one year of free AppleCare for MacBook Airs, standard AppleCare does not include accidental damage, and it’s important to make sure your laptop is protected no matter what. Be sure to subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited to get coverage for all your Apple products and accessories under the same product protection plan.

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How can you protect your MacBook Air?

Here’s everything you need to know about protecting your MacBook Air:

Buy a MacBook Air case

MacBook Airs are perhaps the thinnest, most lightweight laptops on the market. Although this means they’re easy to transport, unfortunately, it also means they’re easy to break, which is why it's important to cover your MacBook Air with a protective case. But with hundreds of cases to choose from online, how can you narrow it down to a case that will really do the job?

If you’re looking for the best MacBook Air case, one of the most important tips is to choose one that fits well. A loose-fitting case is likely to pop off, and worse, won’t provide adequate coverage if you drop your laptop. It’s also important to choose a case that has a hard shell and is shock absorbent to ensure your MacBook Air is protected in the event of a drop or fall.

Use a MacBook Air sleeve

Although MacBook Airs are best protected with a hard case, if you’d rather not use a laptop case, a MacBook Air sleeve is a good alternative for protecting your laptop from dents, scratches, and other cosmetic damage. When choosing a MacBook Air sleeve, keep in mind: the more padding, the better.

What is AppleCare and why do I need it for my MacBook Air?

When you purchase a MacBook Air, you receive a free, one year standard warranty called AppleCare. While AppleCare for a MacBook Air covers incidents like hardware issues, manufacturing defects, and provides a three month period of priority technical support, AppleCare for a MacBook Air does not include coverage for accidental damage–which is what most MacBook Air users need most frequently.

Does AppleCare cover dents and scratches on a MacBook Air?

Unfortunately, AppleCare does not cover dents, scratches, or other cosmetic damage. Only hardware malfunctions and manufacturing defects are covered.

Can I renew AppleCare for a Mac?

For more extensive coverage, MacBook Air users can choose to invest in a paid warranty option called AppleCare+ that extends the original one-year AppleCare warranty and provides technical support for up to three years from the time of purchase. Although you’ll have to pay a base fee for most repairs, you’ll end up paying significantly less than you would if you didn’t have AppleCare+. MacBook Air screen repair, for example, is only $99 if you have AppleCare+, but you’re likely likely to pay hundreds of dollars for screen repair without it.

However, AppleCare+ does not cover everything. Cosmetic damages and any other issues that are not related to the laptop’s ability to function are excluded from AppleCare+. Luckily, you can get extensive coverage from Mulberry that covers all of this and more for an unbeatable price.

Final thoughts

Investing in protective sleeves, cases, and other accessories for your MacBook Air is one of the best ways to avoid expensive MacBook Air repairs and replacements, which can help you save hundreds of dollars in the long run. MacBook Airs are expensive, and unfortunately, they’re all too easy to break. Fortunately, with some of the helpful accessories we’ve discussed here and a subscription to Mulberry Unlimited, it’s easy to make sure that your MacBook Air will stand the test of time.

Interested in learning more about product protection plans that are available to you? Be sure to subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited to get coverage for all your Apple products and accessories under the same product protection plan!

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