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Best Buy Geek Squad vs. Apple Repairs: Which is better?

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When it comes to your Apple devices, one thing is for certain: repairs can be expensive! While we do our best to avoid damaging our devices, unfortunately, accidents happen, and sometimes repairs are needed. While some repairs are inexpensive, others can cost hundreds of dollars. This is why it’s important to know where to take your device when it needs some care to get the lowest price and best service.

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Best Buy Geek Squad vs. Apple Repairs

Best Buy Geek Squad and the Apple Store are two of the most popular places for Apple repairs. But how do they compare, and is one better than the other? Let’s take a look at both so you can determine which one is the best option for you.

Best Buy Geek Squad

If you’re hoping to repair an Apple device outside of the Apple Store, Best Buy Geek Squad is a great option. Best Buy is a certified Apple service provider, which means you can trust that they’re qualified to perform repairs on your Apple devices. Whether you’re hoping to repair your refurbished iPad Pro or fix the broken screen on your Apple Watch, at Best Buy you’re sure to get high-quality service.

One of the best perks about using Best Buy Geek Squad is the convenience. With thousands of Best Buy locations in the United States, chances are you have several Best Buy locations near you, making it quick and easy to drop by for a service or repair.

Another benefit of using Best Buy Geek Squad is that because they are an Apple Authorized Service Provider, they can help with AppleCare claims and repair your devices at the discounted rate. If you don’t have AppleCare, you’ll also be able to check AppleCare options that are available to you and even sign up for it after your Apple device is repaired.

If you decide to visit Geek Squad, keep in mind that while they accept walk-ins, making an appointment is best because you’ll have priority, which can lower your wait time. Luckily, making Geek Squad appointments at Best Buy is easy. Simply visit Best Buy’s website, click on the menu on the home page, and select “Support and Services”. Then, find the “Schedule a Service” option. You’ll be asked to specify the type of device you’re hoping to repair, and then you’ll choose a time and day to visit the Best Buy that’s closest to you.

Apple Repairs

The Apple store is perhaps the most widely trusted source for Apple repairs, with hundreds of Apple store locations in the United States. Whether you visit a big Apple store or a small one, it's known for high-quality service–however, Apple’s services are also not known for being cheap! This is why it’s wise to check AppleCare before you pay for any repairs, as it can make an enormous difference in the price that you have to pay. If you’re not sure if the AppleCare for your device has expired, performing an Apple warranty check is easy. Simply visit Apple’s website and plug in your device’s serial number to find out if you still qualify for coverage.

If you’d like to visit the Apple store, you can schedule an appointment to meet with an Apple professional on Apple’s website. Although walk-ins are welcome, making an appointment will help you avoid long wait times, as the Apple store is typically a pretty popular spot.

Final verdict: Is Best Buy Geek Squad or Apple Repairs better?

Although there are benefits to both Best Buy Geek Squad and Apple Repairs, picking the best option for you really depends on what is most convenient. Is the nearest Best Buy around the corner, while the closest Apple store is 45 minutes away? Does your local Apple store have notoriously long lines? If you’re close to an Apple store and a Best Buy and you make an appointment ahead of time, you really can’t go wrong–you’ll receive similar service at each store.

And if you’re hoping to save money on repairs, don’t forget to look into product protection for your device. With an extended warranty plan, you can get extensive coverage for a great price, helping save you hundreds of dollars in the event that your device needs other repairs. Subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited to get market-leading coverage for all your devices under the same product protection plan.

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