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Is buying used appliances worth it?

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When it comes to exciting purchases, chances are home appliances aren’t at the top of the list. While most of us rely heavily on appliances to keep our households running, the truth is they're expensive and, well, boring purchases. That’s why it’s important to do your research before you buy to make sure you invest in appliances that last.

Anytime you're considering making a major purchase like an appliance, you should always think about product protection. An extended warranty plan like MulberryCare can help ensure your appliances are covered in case of damage, wear and tear, accidents, and more.

With the rise of online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, purchasing affordable used appliances has become increasingly popular. While you’ll probably save money initially, is buying used appliances worth it in the long run?

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of investing in used appliances.

Pros of buying used appliances

First, let’s check out some of the benefits of shopping for used appliances.

Purchasing used home appliances is cheaper upfront

The truth is, most people don’t turn to online marketplaces when quality is the priority. Usually, it’s because the price is hard to beat. Not only are used appliances cheaper in general, but online marketplaces also allow you to negotiate with the seller in hopes of bringing the price down even further, which is not a benefit that most major retailers offer.

Sometimes “used” appliances are actually brand new

If you’ve spent much time perusing sites like Facebook Marketplace, you’ve probably learned a valuable secret: sometimes “used” products are actually brand new, but simply being sold as used because they’re outside of the return window. You might find a brand-new energy-efficient washer and dryer for a fraction of the cost. Gems like this, although hard to come by, allow you to get an incredible value for a cheap price.

Cons of buying used appliances

Let’s take a look at some of the cons of buying used appliances.

No extended warranty

Unfortunately, this is something that many people forget when they choose to purchase a used appliance. Purchasing a new product in store from a major retailer like Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Walmart, allows you to not only enjoy a standard warranty, but you’ll have the option of purchasing an extended warranty too. Used appliances don’t come with this benefit because often, when they change hands, the warranty becomes void. This is a major drawback to consider. Even though you’ll save some cash upfront, if your appliance fails, there’s nothing more expensive than having to pay for a brand new replacement!

Used appliances are hard to match

If you’re concerned about your appliances matching, keep in mind that when you buy used products, it’s extremely difficult to find a complete set. This means that your kitchen or laundry room will likely end up looking mismatched. For example, if you purchase a used electric stove, chances are you won’t be able to find a matching dishwasher. Of course, if this doesn’t bother you, don’t worry–but it’s something to keep in mind if you might regret it down the road.

You’re on your own for pick up and transport

One of the most unsung benefits of purchasing a brand new appliance is that most major retailers will help with delivery costs. When you purchase a used appliance, unfortunately, you’re on your own when it comes to figuring out how to pick up and transport your new purchase. Without expertise, your appliance may become damaged during the moving and transport process.

Final verdict: Is buying used appliances worth it?

Although there are undeniable upfront benefits associated with purchasing used appliances, in the long run, it isn’t the best idea if you’re hoping to get your money’s worth out of your purchase. Without an extended warranty, you’re taking a huge risk. Should your appliance fail, become damaged, or simply not work as expected, you’ll be completely on your own for repairing or replacement costs. And although buying appliances is expensive, there’s nothing more expensive than having to purchase them twice.

Ultimately, investing in a product protection plan is the best way to make sure that you get your money’s worth out of your appliances. Accidents and wear and tear happen, and the last thing you want is to spend extra money on repairing or replacing your appliances because they aren’t protected.

Shop with the Mulberry browser extension to view available product protection plans on your appliances in real time, and earn three months of free product protection on eligible items.

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