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Which brands offer appliance extended warranties?

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When you're shopping for new appliances, it can be overwhelming to digest the information that pertains to protecting that purchase for the short and long term. It's hard enough to decide on the appliance brand and model that suit your needs (and style) best! On top of that, comparing warranty options across a variety of manufacturers can make your eyes glaze over. Most appliances come with a manufacturer’s warranty, but with the short timeline and limited scope for when that warranty applies, it is often a good idea to consider an extended appliance warranty.

The best time to consider purchasing an extended warranty is when you classify your purchase as a long-term investment. Appliances, along with items like electronics, rugs and furniture, all fall into this category of products worth protecting for the long run. An extended warranty can help you avoid costly repairs or potentially needing to fund a replacement out of pocket.

When you subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited, you'll get coverage for all your appliances and more under the same product protection plan. For just $9.99 a month, you can protect your oven, refrigerator, washer and dryer, and more, so you'll never be stuck with expensive repair or replacement costs. In this article, we'll look at appliance extended warranties from LG, GE, Samsung, and Whirlpool, and what they offer when it comes to appliance-specific extended warranties.

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LG appliance warranties

LG offers both limited and extended warranty coverage on their appliances. The limited manufacturer’s warranty for LG appliances is 1 year, covering parts and labor.

For full and extended coverage, LG offers their in-house option, LG Premium Care extended service plan. You can extend the coverage on your product for 1, 2 or 3 years. If your repair is due to an electrical or mechanical failure, including those resulting from normal wear and tear, the parts and labor are covered and there is no deductible. LG promises a hassle-free repair process through their Premium Care.

LG’s extended appliance warranty even covers up to $300 in food loss reimbursement if your refrigerator or freezer breaks down. Side note: Mulberry Unlimited covers up to $500 in food loss reimbursement with an extended appliance warranty, amongst other wear and tear.

The LG Premium Care promise means if your covered service event is unrepairable, you will receive a full replacement or a reimbursement for the price of your product. Pay attention to the phrase "covered service event." If you have an LG extended warranty, you'll also have access to 24/7 claims filing support. The plan only covers single family use products that are in your home. This means you are also excluded from this coverage (and your claim will be denied) if the appliance is used in commercial or public rental settings.

GE appliance warranties

GE offers two types of warranties for their appliances. First is the GE limited manufacturer’s warranty, which includes 1 year of protection for parts and labor.

To extend your coverage beyond the manufacturer's 1-year warranty, you have the option to purchase the Service Protection Advantage, which is offered through a partnership with the third-party warranty provider Assurant. You can purchase single or multi-year plans to meet your specific needs. This GE appliance extended warranty with Assurant includes coverage for parts and labor. They will repair your appliance or give you the money towards a replacement if the item is unrepairable.

Depending on your plan type, there may be a $50 deductible when you file a claim. Most appliances are serviced with a 24–72-hour window. GE’s extended appliance warranty will also cover food loss up to $300, but they include an additional $1,000 reimbursement for power surge damage.

This plan also only covers single family use products that are in your home. This means you are excluded from this coverage type if the appliance is used in commercial or public rental settings.

Samsung appliance warranties

Samsung offers a few different types of warranties. Their basic warranty is a limited manufacturer’s warranty for Samsung appliances, covering parts and labor for one year. They also offer an Extended Warranty Program to extend the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, as long as you purchase the extended warranty before that first year is up. The coverage is available from 1 to 5 years of added appliance warranty protection, and you can cancel your plan at any time.

If your appliance cannot be repaired, the Samsung extended warranty program will replace your product or give you the equivalent in cash or a gift card. As with many warranties, Samsung has a lot of fine print to sift through. In addition to the monthly premium, you will be charged a deductible, or service fee, any time a technician visits your home to diagnose or repair your appliance.

In order to view the amount you’ll be charged, you must register your Samsung appliance. Once the diagnosis is completed, you’ll most likely have to pay an additional fee to process your claim.

Whirlpool appliance warranties

Whirlpool offers different types and lengths of appliance warranties. Their standard warranty is the limited manufacturer’s warranty, which covers one year of parts and labor. Additionally, Whirlpool offers an extended appliance warranty with a Whirlpool Service plan that can be purchased for a term of 1 to 5 years.

Whirlpool extended warranty plans are sold and issued by a third-party provider, AIG WarrantyGuard. Whirlpool’s extended appliance warranty includes no deductible and a promise that if they cannot fix it, they will replace it. For more information regarding additional details, fees, and exclusions, you may call their customer service line. If the limitations are that difficult to find, you may want to research other options.

Mulberry appliance warranties

Mulberry Unlimited offers affordable appliance protection at the lowest price, guaranteed. You'll receive product protection for everything you buy online for just $9.99 a month, ensuring you're covered no matter what.

Large appliance extended warranty coverage includes wear and tear, mechanical and electrical issues, power surge damage and as mentioned previously, food loss reimbursement up to $500 ($200 more than GE and LG). Small appliance coverage also includes damage from accidents, as you're more likely to drop your coffee pot than your refrigerator! With Mulberry Unlimited, you'll never pay any deductibles and there are no hidden fees. We keep all of your extended warranty information in your personalized dashboard, so you don't have to worry about keeping track of lengthy paperwork.

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