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The best clothes irons from Amazon

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Clothes irons have been a household staple for over a hundred years, and for good reason. They help clean and get wrinkles out of clothes, remove dust and dirt, and much more. If you need your clothes looking fresh and new, a clothes iron is the way to go. And of course, there's no better place to buy than a one-stop-shop like Amazon.

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What are the best clothes irons on Amazon?

Let's take a look at some of the best clothes irons available from Amazon.

Black and Decker iron

Black and Decker irons are some of the most reliable on the market, and the Black and Decker Vitessa Advanced Steam Iron is no exception. At $39 it's fairly cheap, and the retractable cord gives it the ultimate portability. There's also a vertical steaming feature, so you can have the versatility of a steamer with the effectiveness of an iron all in one.

Sunbeam iron

The Sunbeam iron is a great, low-cost option at $39.99 that comes with an 8-foot retractable cord for the ultimate storage and mobility. It has a powerful steam shot feature so you can iron your clothes both vertically or horizontally, and an auto shut off for safety. The Sunbeam iron also self-cleans, so you can take one more thing off your plate.

Conair steam iron

Whether it's a Conair steamer, the Infiniti Pro Conair curling iron, or a steam iron, Conair makes great products. The Conair EZ Press steam iron goes for just $29.99, and makes for a great compact iron option. The small water tank means you might have to fill up a little more frequently, however if you need an iron you can pop in your suitcase, this is definitely the one.

Panasonic iron

Panasonic might be best known for their cameras and electronics, but it turns out they make great irons as well. The Panasonic cordless iron is a particularly popular one, with features like a detachable water tank so you can fill up while the iron is heating, an anti-calcium system that prevents build up, auto shut-off after 10 minutes, and much more. At $99 it's certainly expensive, but this Amazon iron still has a lot to love.

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