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What are some tips for shopping on Amazon?

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Are you in the market for new tech items, or looking to replace your speakers, computer, headphones, or Kindle? Maybe you received an Amazon Prime gift membership and are looking for the best way to spend the money.

When it comes to shopping on Amazon, especially for electronics, there are some details you should pay attention to if you want to ensure that your items are protected, legitimate, and under warranty. Because Amazon represents so many sellers, customers often get confused about what is covered and what is not.

With Mulberry Unlimited, you never have to question where your products stand when it comes to warranty coverage. You can get protection for all your online purchases under the same product protection plan, for less than the price of your Amazon Prime membership.

Cover all of your electronic devices under one plan

How can I claim a warranty for my product?

Depending on the product you purchased, Amazon provides various warranties, including one-year limited warranties for Amazon devices or accessories, a two-year limited warranty, or a one-year limited warranty for waterproof devices. You'll need to check the specific conditions of the item you're considering before purchasing, in order to see the terms of the warranty that Amazon provides.

For example, the Kindle e-readers have one-year limited warranties, while the Fire Kids Tablet has a two-year limited warranty. However, when you're buying a used or refurbished product, the Amazon refurbished warranty is a 90-day return window where you can replace the item if you aren't satisfied. These options for Amazon extended warranty services will help you ensure your products are protected when you make a significant purchase.

How do I claim a warranty from Amazon on electronics?

Filing a warranty on Amazon is simple, as you just have to submit a product support request within the Help and Customer Service center.

Do Apple products on Amazon have a warranty?

Yes, when you buy Apple products on Amazon, you benefit from the same one-year AppleCare warranty that you would get if you purchased the item directly from Apple. This means that buying your Apple tech from Amazon doesn’t bring any risk, as your items are protected through your Amazon shopping.

Will Amazon fix my broken Kindle screen?

Unlike companies such as Apple, Amazon doesn’t do repair services for its products. If your Kindle screen breaks, you have options depending on the status of your warranty. For example, if it's still within warranty, you can get a replacement from Amazon.

If it isn't under warranty, you can either fix it yourself or with a third-party repair service, or you can trade it in for a lower price and use that credit towards purchasing your replacement item.

Are warranties on electronic products worth it?

The short answer is yes, all warranties on electronic purchases are worth it. Using an Amazon warranty, electronics are protected from damage or failure within a designated period of time so that you can be sure your money is not wasted.

Beyond that period of time, however, you become responsible for any damages incurred. That is why we always encourage customers to purchase even more product protection when they're shopping for electronics or other significant items that get a lot of use.

Subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited to get product protection for all your online purchases under the same plan. Shopping with Mulberry also gives you the ability to earn rewards and see your options in real time to help you save money and secure your purchases.

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