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The best mobile wallets to keep your money secure

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Have you ever found yourself in the checkout line at Target with a cart full of items, only to realize with a rush of disappointment that you left your wallet in the car, or even worse–at home? While this has undoubtedly happened to most of us, there is some silver lining: thanks to the rise of mobile wallets, this dilemma will soon become a thing of the past!

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What are the best mobile wallets?

While mobile wallets are still a relatively new concept, they are becoming increasingly popular, and there are already plenty of options to choose from. If you’d like to give mobile wallets a try, the first step is deciding which one you’d like to use. Here’s a guide to some of the best.

Apple Pay

First on the list is Apple Pay. Apple Pay is, of course, only available to iPhone users, and allows you to simply plug your credit card information into the app on your iPhone, where it stores the information indefinitely. Apple Pay is meant to allow you to leave your actual wallet behind and simply use your phone to pay, assuming the store or business you’re visiting accepts it as a form of payment. Hundreds of thousands of stores in the United States accept Apple Pay, and among those are many major retailers and gas stations.

Another advantage of Apple Pay is that you can spread out your purchases across a few weeks, using a benefit called  Apple Pay Later. Apple Pay Later allows you to pay for an item in four increments over a 6 week period, rather than having to pay for it all at once. It'll even remind you to make your payments, so there’s little risk of incurring late fees! Overall, Apple Pay is a great option if you’re an iPhone user and frequently shop at stores that accept it.

Samsung Wallet

If you have a Samsung phone or another compatible device, Samsung Wallet allows you to get in on the fun of mobile payments. Samsung Wallet is so much more than simply a place in your phone to store credit card information. You can keep an eye on cryptocurrency, manage digital keys for your home and car, and set up security measures such as biometric authentication that can keep your Samsung Wallet even safer than your actual physical wallet! If you’re a Samsung user, be sure to give Samsung Wallet a try.


Looking for a simple way to perform account to account transactions? Dwolla is a useful platform for facilitating payments from one account to another, and especially beneficial for budding businesses. If you’re a new business, be sure to look into Dwolla!

PayPal Friends and Family

If you’re looking for an easy way to send money to your friends and family members, check out PayPal Friends and Family. It’s a platform specifically designed to allow friends and family members to easily transfer money to each other, whether it’s as a gift, a payback, or just because.

Cash App Borrow

Although short term loans aren’t an ideal financial decision, if you’re really in a pinch, you can try Cash App Borrow. Cash App Borrow is a new feature on Cash App that allows you to take out a small loan for an emergency. If approved, you have 4 weeks to pay it back to Cash App, in addition to a 5% fee, plus an extra fee that accrues every week if you’re late.

Final thoughts

As you can see, when it comes to mobile wallets, there are plenty of great options to choose from. Whether you opt for Apple Pay and take advantage of Apple Pay Later or decide to try Samsung Wallet or Dwolla, the incredible convenience and peace of mind that comes from being able to pay with just your phone will make you never want to go back.

And as you’re shopping with your newly-installed mobile wallet, don’t forget to think about product protection to ensure that your new purchases are covered in the event of an accident or other damage. Be sure to install the Mulberry browser extension to get alerts about product protection as you’re browsing online. Happy shopping!

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