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Is a Target Circle membership worth it?

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With almost 2,000 stores nationwide and at least one location in all 50 states, Target is one of the most beloved stores in the United States. Whether it’s the cute home decor section, the trendy fashion items, or the elevated ambiance, one thing’s for sure: there’s no place quite like Target.

If you’re a frequent Target shopper, you’ve probably heard about Target Circle, which is Target’s loyalty program. But with so many loyalty programs and subscriptions offered by all of the major retailers, you might be wondering if Target Circle is even worth bothering with.

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Let’s take a look at what Target Circle is, the benefits it includes, and whether or not it’s worth it.

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What is Target Circle?

Target Circle is Target’s loyalty program. Unlike other programs such as Walmart+ and Amazon Prime, Target Circle is free to join. While you won’t receive any incredible benefits like free expedited shipping or access to free streaming services, Target Circle still has some nice perks.

Before we dive into Target Circle’s benefits, it’s important to note that Target Circle and Target RedCard are not the same thing. Although they’re commonly confused, Target RedCard is a credit card that allows members to get free expedited shipping, as well as 5% cashback on Target purchases and other benefits. Target Circle, on the other hand, is not a credit card–it’s simply a free rewards program with exclusive perks.

What are the benefits of Target Circle?

Here are some of the best benefits a Target Circle membership has to offer.

1% back on earnings

One of Target Circle’s best perks is the opportunity to get 1% back on in store purchases, which you can track in the Target app. As the earnings accumulate, you’ll eventually have enough store credit to use on another purchase at Target. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Exclusive deals

Another perk of joining Target Circle is that you’ll get access to exclusive savings. Target will send you customized coupons according to your past purchases, and you’ll also be able to shop exclusive Target partnerships to get even greater savings. For example, if you frequently shop for beauty products at Target, you can get access to UltaMate rewards, a partnership between Target and Ulta to provide you with even more savings.

Birthday month

You’ll also get 5% earnings on a single purchase during your birthday month. While this might not seem like a lot, if you wait until your birthday month to make a bigger purchase, the savings can start to be substantial. For example, eyeing the Airpod Pros? Or maybe the newest Threshold by Studio McGee chair? For every $100 you spend, you’ll get $5 back. Nothing says happy birthday like fantastic savings!

Teacher and student discounts

Another benefit of a Target Circle account is that you’ll get access to the Target student discount (or Target teacher discount). As any teacher knows, stocking a classroom with needed supplies quickly becomes expensive, so these savings can be huge, especially around back-to-school time.

For college students, the cost of stocking a dorm room with new supplies, buying a laptop and gear for your desk, or ordering other items for your new home adds up, so extra discounts can make a big difference in keeping everything more affordable. This is why student and teacher discounts are definitely something to take into account when deciding whether or not to sign up for a Target Circle membership.

Is a Target Circle membership worth it?

So, is a Target Circle membership worth it? Ultimately, the answer is yes. Target Circle is free to join, easy to sign up for, and will only provide additional savings since it will never cost you a dime. In other words, it can only make your life better! With a Target Circle membership, the stakes are also extremely low. If you sign up and then forget to use it, you’re not out anything–except the couple of minutes that it took to sign up for the program.

As always, don't forget to subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited. You'll be able to get coverage on all the Target purchases you make online under the same product protection plan, file unlimited claims, access 24/7 customer support, and more!

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