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The best money-saving hacks for shopping at Walmart

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Walmart is a well-known, dominating force in the retail sector. From furniture to electronics and more, Walmart can be your one-stop shop for practically everything. While the prices it offers are already incredibly low, there are strategic ways to save even more money while shopping.

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What are the best hacks for saving money at Walmart?

Here’s a list of the best hacks while shopping at Walmart, techniques that your wallet will absolutely love.

Download the Walmart scanner app

This useful app is the absolute best way to save money while shopping at Walmart. It allows you to instantly price-check products online and then have associates lower prices for you accordingly. You can also save specific items to a “watch list” to track their prices, and ultimately take advantage of useful price drops and deals.

Shop in the Walmart clearance section

The clearance section at Walmart can be hard to find, so check the ends of each aisle and keep your eyes peeled for the yellow clearance stickers. Use the scanner app to price check each clearance item—many products are on “hidden clearance,” and will cost you even less than the amount on the label. If you’re shopping online, Walmart's website has a special section so you can peruse discounted products.

It’s also advantageous to monitor time-based and seasonal sales: Walmart discounts the most items in the first few days of each month, marks food items down each night, and discounts toys up to 75% in December and July.

Sign up for a Walmart+ membership

By joining Walmart+, you’ll save up to 10 cents a gallon on gas purchases, enjoy free shipping, and have access to special offers and rewards. This membership also gives you Walmart grocery pickup capabilities, free unlimited access to services like FitOn Health and Spotify Premium, and other fun perks.

Save by purchasing Walmart private brands 

Certain Walmart labels, such as Great Value, Mainstays, Sam's Choice, and Equate, cut out the middleman to help you save while still getting the products you need. Consistently choosing to buy these brands rather than “name brands” can make a big financial impact over time.

Take advantage of Walmart grocery deals

You can find many amazing discounts in Walmart’s food & drink section. Look for day-old bread and bakery items in the Walmart bakery, and search for products that are close to their expiration date.

Buy refurbished Walmart items

For massive discounts on big-ticket electronic devices, software packages, and jewelry items, purchase used on the Walmart Refurbished page. With this lesser-known hack, you can enjoy huge savings and snag items that are verified by Walmart.

Opt for generic medications from the Walmart Pharmacy

Instead of going to your usual pharmacy and choosing name-brand drugs, check out the Walmart Pharmacy and purchase generic versions with the same chemical compounds. Don’t forget to browse their $4 prescription list for amazing deals!

Protect your purchases with Mulberry

If you’re always on the lookout for more ways to save, install the Mulberry browser extension to see what product protection can do for you. You'll be able to view the latest in product protection plans for your purchases, earn rewards as you shop, and more!

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