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The best money-saving hacks for shopping at Chewy

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The average pet owner spends thousands on their pet per year—a price that’s well worth it to keep your favorite furry friend healthy and happy, but can nonetheless be a financial stress on some families. Beyond the cost of food and vet appointments is the time required to properly love and care for your animal.

Chewy is a service that has made life easier for pet owners across the country, as their delivery programs eliminate the chore of buying pet food and other supplies by delivering straight to your door. Between Chewy cat food, dog food, medicine, toys, and more, the website carries pretty much everything you'll need. And with so many purchases, you want to make sure they're protected in case something happens. Shop with the Mulberry browser extension to view all the great product protection plans available for your favorite Chewy products.

So, how can you make the most of the money saving opportunities the Chewy site has to offer? Let’s take a look.

Chewy Autoship 

Signing up for Chewy Autoship is the best way to save money and time on the website. With this program, you can get your pet food, toys, crates, medications, and more delivered on a set schedule according to your needs. The major benefit here is that by signing up for Autoship, you will save money with their discounted prices. When you make your first order with Chewy Autoship, you will save around 30%, or up to $20, on your order, followed by 5% off subsequent orders. It’s also simple to set up and can be selected as a shipping option at checkout.

An additional benefit offered to Chewy Autoship customers is access to a veterinarian on the phone or via video conference for free via their Connect with a Vet program.

Ask for gift cards

If you are looking to save money when a birthday or holiday comes around where you may receive gifts, ask for gift cards to some of your essential shopping locations. Chewy gift cards are available for amounts between $25-$500, so if you're a pet owner, put one of these on your Christmas list for next year. It'll allow you to get a jump start on your pet expenses, instead of accumulating random gifts and items you’ll never use.

Make use of the return policy

If you buy something from Chewy and aren’t happy with the item, don’t hold onto it and waste your money with something you’ll never use. The Chewy return policy is generous and customer-focused, offering returns of any item customers aren’t 100% satisfied with within 1 year of purchasing. That’s a massive window to return any items that didn’t fit, were incorrect, or didn’t match what you expected.

Shop Black Friday

Chewy offers massive savings on Black Friday every year. In recent years, they've offered up to 50% off some cat and dog food, 20% off some medication, and BOGO deals on toys and supplies. If you want to stock up on the essentials for the coming months or upgrade items like Chewy dog beds that your pet loves, you should hold out for the Chewy Black Friday sale and make the most of their massive deals that return each season.

Protect your purchases with Mulberry

Finding strategic ways to save time and money can help you improve your financial situation and your quality of life. Here at Mulberry, we love helping customers avoid scams and money-wasters, so we offer our free browser extension so you can find product protection plans as you shop to ensure your purchases last a lifetime.

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