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The best alternatives to Amazon

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While many consumers are happy to regularly purchase items via Amazon, you might be wondering if there are any viable alternatives to this seemingly-unmatched online retail giant. If you don't have an Amazon Prime subscription, shopping at Amazon is not always the cheapest option. And, if you want to support small businesses, Amazon might not be the way to go.

Regardless of where you shop online, protecting your purchases makes all the difference. Extended warranties can help ensure you're covered if your products become damaged due to an accident, misuse, or anything else that might happen. When you subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited, you'll get coverage for nearly all your online purchases under the same product protection plan, so you can be ready for anything.

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What are the best alternatives to shopping at Amazon?

Courtesy of our shopping experts here at Mulberry, here’s a list of sites you can use as alternatives to Amazon.


Newegg is a competitive online retailer specializing primarily in consumer electronics and computer products. If you’re searching for a site that offers fast shipping paired with low prices for a range of electronic items, Newegg is a great option.

Its inventory also includes automotive parts, tools, appliances, sports equipment, and more. Special perks and fun features such as the Newegg Shuffle, which is a drawing system for promo codes that helps you save on popular items, make this Amazon alternative stand out. The Newegg return policy is also well-regarded, with 30 days free return shipping.

World Market

Formerly called Cost Plus World Market, this retailer specializes in furniture items and globally-sourced home goods. You can make purchases in physical stores or order products online, which are then shipped to your home or a World Market store.

While it doesn’t offer anywhere near the number of products Amazon provides—and doesn’t cover categories such as electronics, clothes, or beauty products—World Market is a great alternative when searching for gifts, furniture, decor, or international food and drinks. From World Market chairs to a World Market coffee table and even World Market outdoor furniture, it's a great place to shop.

Walmart Supercenter 

Walmart is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, with a line of massive brick-and-mortar stores paired with a corresponding e-commerce site. Walmart represents a lower-end version of Amazon, meaning it’s easier on the wallet but also presents lower-quality goods.

Check out this option for basic essentials as well as deals on food, home and garden accessories, and electronics. You can also purchase a Walmart+ membership, which offers exclusive perks and deals such as Walmart grocery pickup and a Paramount Plus streaming subscription.


This option is the one most similar to Amazon. With ShopRunner, you can automatically track and organize orders, get items shipped in 2 days or less, or opt for a ShopRunner membership that comes with additional perks. Memberships come with exclusive offers, free returns, and more. 

ShopRunner reviews show that it can’t quite compete with Amazon in the customer service department, but its interface is user-friendly, and fashion lovers will appreciate the range of available high-end clothing items. ShopRunner returns are free, as is 2-day shipping

Super Target 

Super Target is a beefed-up version of the well-known retailer that presents a huge range of products, and also offers an in-person shopping experience. There are Super Target locations vary, but can generally be found in most major cities.

Whether you’re searching for fun birthday decor, organic cat food, prescription medications, or a new bikini, you’re sure to find it in Target’s online or in-store inventory. You can opt to pick up items in-store or ship them to your home address.

Protect your purchases with Mulberry

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