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The best smart beds to upgrade your sleep

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If you want to optimize your health, one of the first things you can do is work to improve your sleep. When you get enough quality sleep, you think more clearly, boost your immune system, reduce stress, and have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight.

The largest impact on your sleep is going to come from your mattress, so not only is investing in a quality one necessary, but it’s well worth the expense. And even though it's such a big purchase, you can have peace of mind by investing in product protection to make sure it's covered in case of accidents, damage, or many other potential issues. Shop with the Mulberry browser extension to view the best protection plans for your next smart mattress.

What are the best smart mattresses?

To help with your search, we researched a bit about some of the most popular and effective smart mattresses on the market.

Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed

This multifunctional smart bed is something you might see often on Pinterest mood boards for idealized interior design with comfort and tech in mind. Whether you’re working with limited space in your home, or you just like to keep up with the latest gadgets, the Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed does it all.

This single piece of furniture combines a couch, bed, chair, desk, and storage space with various built-in integrations like Bluetooth speakers, charging stations, and a reading lamp. It’s a bed that you can spend all day in and be productive at the same time. There's even have a massage chair with eight stress-relieving modes to choose from. While it is on the expensive side, it's well worth the investment—especially if you can find an affordable extended warranty.

Cost: Available for $3,099.99 from Wayfair.

Solaire Adjustable Firmness Mattress

If firmness control is your priority, the Solaire smart mattress from Saatva can be adjusted to fit your most detailed contouring needs. Using airbed technology, it’s easy to accommodate the most specific curves of your body, from spinal support to motion isolation. You can control everything via remote and choose from a wider range of firmness levels than most other mattresses.

Cost: Starting at $2,175 from Saatva.

Eight Sleep Pod 3

If you’re looking for exceptional temperature control and detailed sleep data, look no further than the Eight Sleep Pod 3. With four interior layers, this mattress measures 12 inches in depth and creates a perfect balance of pressure relief and bounce.

The “active grid” technology contains sensors that measure biometric data to help analyze your activity and sleep quality, while the water-based climate control system keeps you cool all night.

Cost: Starting at $2,895 for a full size mattress at Eight Sleep.


When it comes to choosing a smart mattress, spending a little more than planned can be worth it in the long run if it means you’re going to have access to valuable data and comfort control settings to help you optimize your sleep and ultimately improve your health.

Before you buy your new smart mattress, make sure to install the Mulberry browser extension so you can gain access to the best product protection on the market. Not only that, but you can also get access to free coverage plans and earn rewards for your purchases.

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