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Extended warranties vs. Product protection plans: What’s the difference?

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If you’ve spent any time looking into ways to protect your purchases, you’re probably familiar with extended warranties that you can buy for large purchases such as cars, furniture, and large appliances. But did you know that extended warranties, like the one you have for your car, also exist for nearly everything you buy?

Extended warranties and product protection plans are often confused for one another, but they are not the same. Although they are similar in concept, they apply to different things. So what’s the difference, exactly, and which one is best for you? Let’s take a look at extended warranties and product protection plans, how they compare, and which one will best fit your needs.

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What is an extended warranty?

If you’ve ever spent a lot of time shopping for a large purchase, you’re probably familiar with extended warranties. Most large purchases (think cars, technology, or even furniture) come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty. However, these warranties are generally limited in what they cover–they typically offer one year of coverage, and only for things like mechanical failures or defects in manufacturing.

Extended warranties, on the other hand, generally extend the standard warranty coverage for a longer period of time, and add some additional coverage. However, if you’ve ever dealt with the messy process of trying to file a claim with a warranty provider, you’ve probably noticed that actually getting your money’s worth out of your warranty is harder than it sounds. Between hard to contact insurance agencies, sneaky claims, and hidden fees, extended warranty plans are often too good to be true, and it’s worth looking for an option that better fits your needs.

What is a product protection plan?

Product protection plans are similar to extended warranty plans, but are much more versatile. Rather than only purchasing protection for the occasional big ticket item like a car, you can protect almost any of your online purchases, including appliances (large and small), furniture, bikes, luggage, and much more.

Another key part of product protection plans is that they cover accidental damage. While we do our best to take care of our purchases, the reality is that accidents happen and it’s important to be prepared for the worst case scenario. From shattered glass screens to grape juice stains on furniture, there’s nothing worse than making an expensive purchase, only to have to replace it earlier than you'd planned.

Extended warranties vs. Product protection: What's the difference?

First, one of the biggest differences between extended warranties and product protection plans is that extended warranties are offered through the manufacturer, while product protection plans are not. Many extended warranties include lengthy, confusing contracts.

Additionally, extended warranty plans are often administered through an insurance provider, such as Allstate or Uniters, or other large companies that often take a long time to get in touch with, and a long time to process the claims. Companies like Mulberry provide a one on one customer experience for a quick, smooth claims process.

Another key difference between extended warranties and product protection plans is the coverage that they offer. While extended warranties are typically an extension of standard warranties, product protection plans offer everything that extended warranties offer, plus coverage for accidental damage.

Which is better for you?

At the end of the day, the coverage, price, and versatility of a product protection plan makes it a far more useful purchase than an extended warranty plan. After all, accidents happen, and your purchases are worth protecting.

With a Mulberry Unlimited subscription, you can protect unlimited purchases without any hidden fees or deductibles for only $9.99 per month. From spills to rips, tears, and cracks, you’ll have access to unlimited claims, up to $2,500 per year.

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