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Jewelry Warranties

Looking to invest in a beautiful piece of jewelry or luxury watch but worried about finding a jewelry protection plan with the right coverage? Mulberry offers affordable protection for jewelry, even an unlimited protection option so you can protect all your valuables under one plan.  Retail jewelry product protection plans can help preserve your investment and ensure you can enjoy (and flaunt) your fancy bauble for years to come. 
Tips to keep jewelry

Are jewelry warranties worth it?

With a Mulberry jewelry protection plan, you won't have to worry about paying to replace or repair your expensive jewelry. Most jewelry protection plans don't cover accidental damage or normal wear and tear, leaving you wondering what you're really paying for. Mulberry Unlimited covers accidental damage and normal wear and tear for an unlimited number of jewelry pieces. You can file unlimited claims, and it includes up to $2,500 in damages annually. What type of damages are covered?

  • Lost diamonds or center stones
  • Cracked or chipped stones
  • Broken clasps and hinges
  • Knotted chains
  • Refinishing and polishing
  • Bent or worn prongs
  • Restringing and resetting stones

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What's the Mulberry difference?

Mulberry offers unlimited protection for everything you buy online. Get the coverage you need at industry-low prices.

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