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Fitness Equipment Warranties

Fitness equipment is expensive. Whether you're building a home gym or you prefer outdoor exercise like mountain biking, your fitness equipment takes a beating. Even used equipment isn't cheap, so finding replacements can be difficult and expensive. When you purchase new fitness equipment, getting a treadmill warranty, elliptical warranty or even protecting your weights can save you hassle and expense down the road.


What does a fitness equipment warranty cover?

An extended warranty for fitness equipment can save you from expensive repairs or replacements down the road. The key is finding the best extended warranty coverage to ensure that you get maximum value out of your equipment. Mulberry provides coverage for all types of damage, even if it's accidental. With Mulberry Unlimited, you can protect all of your fitness equipment under one comprehensive warranty plan.

  • Mechanical and electrical issues
  • Power surge damage
  • Wheels and brakes
  • Belts and rollers
  • Control panel failure
  • Misalignments

Did you know you can get a fitness equipment warranty on these?



Exercise bikes



Rowing Machines







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