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Luggage Warranties

Whether you're taking a road trip or traveling internationally, your luggage can take a beating. We've all tried to cram too many suitcases in a tiny trunk. And if you've watched the airlines handle your luggage, you wish you hadn't decided to use that new luxury bag. With a luggage warranty, you can get affordable protection to protect your luggage across the miles.

What does a luggage warranty cover?

Mulberry’s product protection for luggage will make you feel at ease when a bag is rolling through puddles on crowded city streets or being jammed in a school cubby. Mulberry covers accidental damage, wear and tear, and manufacturer defects on everything from backpacks and purses to carry-ons and large suitcases. Get a handbag insurance plan to protect your splurge, or get affordable protection for sports duffle bags. You can cover every piece of luggage you own under one plan with Mulberry Unlimited.

  • Accidental rips and tears
  • Broken wheels, zippers and handles
  • All stains
  • Burns and heat marks
  • Manufacturer defects
  • Wear and tear

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What's the Mulberry difference?

Mulberry offers unlimited protection for everything you buy online. Get the coverage you need at industry-low prices.

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Start saving with Mulberry

Download the free extension to start saving on product protection, car and home insurance, travel insurance, and more.

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