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Electronics Warranties

Accidental damage to your electronics can lead to expensive repairs, and downtime you just can't afford. Water damage to your door keypad and you're locked out of your house. Drop your phone while running errands over lunch and you miss important messages and emails.

An electronics extended warranty protects against more than just the manufacturer defects; it covers you for real-life accidents. What does an electronics warranty cover and what items can you protect?

dropped phone with shattered screen

What does an electronics warranty cover?

Mulberry offers extended electronics protection that goes beyond the manufacturer's limited warranty, covering accidental damage to your electronics. Did you know you can cover multiple devices like tablets, laptops and smart home devices under one comprehensive plan, Mulberry Unlimited? From cracks and drops to power surge damage and mechanical issues, Mulberry product protection provides longer-term coverage against the damages that are bound to happen.

A Mulberry electronics warranty protects you against common damages that aren't covered by the manufacturer:

  • Cracks and breakage
  • Drops and spills
  • Mechanical and electrical issues
  • Power surge damage

Did you know all of these electronics are covered?





Smart watch



Audio equipment

Video game console

DVD/Blu-ray player

Home theater system

Smart home device

Security system





GPS device


Medical equipment

Digital picture frame

Media recorder


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Start saving with Mulberry

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