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Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Costco: Which is the cheapest to buy household goods?

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Groceries and consumer goods have risen in price over the last few years, tightening many consumers’ wallets and causing shoppers to seek out the best bang for their buck. Since prices fluctuate so much, we are giving an overview of the benefits and attributes of each retailer or e-commerce store, instead of focusing on individual items where the price can change.

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Where can you find the best deals on household goods?

So, where can you find the best prices on items? Lets explore the benefits and deals you can find at your main cost-saving retailers.


This e-commerce giant is a great source if you’re looking for infinite options. With such a wide variety of products available in every category, their platform allows you to find cheap deals by comparing prices on similar household items. The best Amazon deals will come during Prime Day—a sales event typically held sometime in July. On Prime Day, Amazon marks down coveted items, allowing you to make significant savings.

A Prime membership is the best way to access all the best deals from Amazon, and also includes TV and movie streaming, music, Kindle reading, free shipping, and additional deals at Whole Foods so you can save on high-quality groceries. The only downside is that there is a monthly subscription fee at $14.99 (with a lower-priced student version), but most customers feel that this price is worth it for the benefits.

Another little-known perk is that you can use your credit card reward points to pay for your Amazon purchases. Just register your card, and as long as it’s with an approved partner, you can essentially get your items for free.


As the quintessential American big-box store, Walmart prides itself on its low prices. The Walmart+ program offers even further savings, offers a 30-day free trial, and is $12.95 per month after that one-month window. Like Amazon Prime, you will get streaming benefits (Paramount+), as well as free delivery, free shipping, rewards, early access, and more when you sign up.

According to Walmart, this can represent $1,300+ per year in savings on household goods, electronics, appliances, and more. Through the rewards program, you can use an online app to earn points and discounts when you shop online or in store, which can be redeemed on everyday household items like Walmart trash bags or Walmart paper towels, as well as more infrequent purchases like Walmart dishes.


Target is a favorite destination for household goods for many consumers. With numerous private label brands sold exclusively at their store, you can find a variety of low-cost, upscale products that stand out among the standard options offered at big box retailers.

To appeal further to customers and foster loyalty, the Target Circle program offers unique rewards and savings. When you join the program, you can earn 1% when you shop, or continue saving for later to earn 5%. The deals are available online and in store, you can get a special birthday discount, and access exclusive deals available only to program holders.

The program is free, and they make it easy to scan your receipt within 14 days of your purchase to redeem rewards if you forgot to show your card at checkout. This helps families save on all their essentials.


Costco is unbeatable when it comes to buying wholesale household goods in bulk at a low price. The only catch is that you must be a member to shop at Costco, but for most people, the benefits pay off.

For example, the Everyday Value Gold Star membership is only $60 per year, and the executive membership is $120 per year, but comes with 2% annual savings, plus other benefits like travel perks and rewards, gas deals, and more to help you save on your essentials and splurge purchases.

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