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Finding the best electric shaver at Walmart

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Shopping at Walmart is great because of the convenience it offers as a one-stop shop for practically everything. From groceries to electronics to appliances and more, Walmart offers a wide-ranging inventory that's hard to beat. Especially when it comes to electric razors, Walmart is one of the best places to shop, but with so many brands and choices, it can be hard to find the best one.

No matter what you buy at Walmart, it's important to ensure it's protected. When you subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited, you'll get coverage for nearly all your Walmart purchases and more under the same product protection plan, so you can be ready for anything. You'll be able to file unlimited claims, access 24/7 customer support, and more, all without paying any deductibles or hidden fees.

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What are the best electric shavers at Walmart?

Let's take a look at which electric shavers are best from Walmart.

Philips Norelco shaver

Philips Norelco makes tons of great electric shavers, and Walmart offers nearly all of them. The Philips Norelco Shaver 2300 is a rechargeable cordless option, with 40 minutes of shave time per charge, which is more than enough time to get at least a few shaves out of. There are also four heads that all move in different directions, to give you the most comprehensive shave possible. And at just $45, it's an affordable option.

Braun Series 9

The Braun Series 9 is one of the most expensive electric shavers on the market at $300, but its quality is incomparable. You'll get 60 minutes of shaving time per charge, as well as a 5-in-1 clean and charge station that automatically cleans your razor, charges, and dries it to ensure it's ready when you are. It's also waterproof, so you can use it in the shower, with gel or foam, or however you like the shave.

Panasonic ARC5 Men's Shaver

This Panasonic shaver provides the perfect close shaving experience. It's also a Panasonic wet dry shaver, which means you can use it in the shower, at your sink, or anywhere else you like to shave. You can get 40 minutes of shaving time per on just a one-hour charge, which is great for when you're on the go. This Panasonic electric shaver comes in at $200.

MAX-T electric shaver rms8101

The MAX-T electric shaver rms8101 is a great affordable shaver, priced at $70. For just one hour of charging time, you get a whopping 120 minutes of shaving, which is by far the best battery range on this list. There are three floating heads that rotate 360 degrees and a muted motor so you can keep the noise down.

Andis foil shaver

An Andis shaver is always a popular option, and the Andis ProFoil Titanium Shaver is no different. At $55, it comes with hypoallergenic foil heads that give you a professionally-close shave for a fraction of the price of many razors. This Andis foil shaver is a guaranteed upgrade to your shaving regimen.

Protect your shave with Mulberry

No matter which Walmart shaver you go with, the need for product protection is the same. Subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited for coverage on nearly all your Walmart purchases and more under the same product protection plan. You'll be able to ensure your electric shaver, from the best electric shaver for sensitive skin to an electric head shaver, is ready anytime you need it, for the ultimate peace of mind.

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