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What types of warranties does Walmart offer on electronics?

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We’re lucky to use such advanced technology these days, but our devices can sometimes come with a steep price tag, so it’s essential to consider extended product protection. While you might typically be averse to tacking an extra cost onto an already sizable sum, it’ll benefit you in the long run to make a small investment.

Walmart offers customers product protection on most if not all their electronic products. To help you make the most informed decision, we’re going to dive into everything you need to know.

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Cover all of your electronic devices under one plan

Walmart electronics warranty basics

All Walmart electronics you purchase will come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty. This should provide you with basic coverage ranging from 90 days to one year for any sort of faulty parts or mechanical failures that can be traced to manufacturing errors. While this is a great thing to have, it’s not enough to provide you with the peace of mind you need to use your electronics freely.

Walmart warranty protection plans through Allstate

Whether you’re trying to decide between different Walmart laptop computers or pieces for your home entertainment system, Walmart offers two types of product protection plans for their electronics through Allstate.

The standard plan covers electrical and mechanical failures, power surges and supply failures, and breakdowns during normal use. So you’ll be covered for up to three additional years depending on the plan you choose.

If you want to be 100% covered and have complete peace of mind, you can opt for the accident plan, which adds coverage for spills, cracks, and drops. The specifics of your warranty terms will change depending on the product you’re covering.

For example, the Walmart TV warranty covers screen, remote, speaker, and power failures, while mobile phones have coverage for touchscreen and charging port failures. No matter which device you need coverage for, you’ll always be able to get the repairs you need within the limitations you sign up for.

Filing a Walmart warranty claim

Keep in mind that for some protection plans, you need to register your product soon after you purchase it. Do your best not to put this off, so you don’t wind up forgetting and then having to deal with even more of a headache when something stops working and you aren’t able to file a claim.

The first thing you’re going to need to file a claim is your receipt and the product you need service for. Then, head to the Walmart website and follow the prompts to complete the claim process. As long as you’re filing for a covered event, it should be smooth sailing to remedy your situation.


There’s no denying that Walmart is an excellent place to shop for all kinds of items, especially electronics. However, just because they offer product protection, doesn’t mean it’s the best deal out there.

If you want to ensure you’re always getting the best value no matter where you shop, make sure you subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited and gain access to the best product protection deal on the market.

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