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Is an Amazon Prime membership worth it?

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With over 200 million members across the world, it’s clear that for many people, an Amazon Prime membership is a must-have. Whether it’s the lightning-quick shipping speeds, the free delivery, video streaming content, or the other perks that come with the membership, for many households, renewing their annual Prime subscription is something they don’t even think twice about. But is an Amazon Prime membership really worth it?

Over the past couple of years, Amazon has slowly hiked up the cost of their annual Prime membership. If you’re wondering whether or not your Amazon Prime membership is worth it, it’s important to weigh the benefits against the cost.

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What are the benefits of an Amazon Prime membership?

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits an Amazon Prime membership provides:

Amazon grocery delivery

Is there anything better than having your groceries delivered right to your door? Amazon grocery delivery is one of the best perks of a Prime membership. Within 2 hours, members can get their grocery order collected, bagged, and delivered straight to their door. That’s a pretty impressive turnaround time! As an added benefit, Amazon allows you to “subscribe and save” for products you order frequently, which gives you a discount for subscribing.

As ideal as Amazon grocery delivery sounds, it’s important to note that, unfortunately, it only applies to participating, Amazon-owned grocery stores–Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh. If you’re already a specialty food shopper and frequent Whole Foods anyway, this is a great option for you. However, if you’re more of a budget shopper, your grocery bill is likely to rise in cost if you switch completely to Whole Foods. In some areas, Amazon Fresh is also available, which is a much more affordable grocery option.

Amazon Pantry

Speaking of low grocery prices, Amazon Pantry is another benefit of the Amazon Prime store that’s helpful for those who are looking to cut back on their bills. Amazon Pantry allows members to access exclusive savings and deals on non-perishable items, and even have them delivered straight to your doorstep.

It’s also important to note that although Amazon Prime allows members to access Amazon Pantry, even Prime members sometimes have to pay shipping costs. For example, if your order is above $35, shipping is free, but for smaller orders, you’ll incur a shipping cost of $5.99. However, if you’re interested in ordering frequent, smaller orders, you can add $4.99 to your monthly Prime membership cost to get guaranteed free shipping for all orders over $10.

Amazon Kindle store access

Want to read the newest books without having to set foot in the library or book store? With an Amazon Prime membership, you don't have to. Along with access to limited music, TV shows, and movies, Amazon Prime members also enjoy limited Amazon Kindle store access, allowing you to read many book titles for free. Amazon Prime reading has become a popular feature of a Prime membership thanks to its great access.

Is Amazon Prime worth it?

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits that come with an Amazon Prime membership, but is it really worth the $139 per year? To answer this question, it’s important to consider your lifestyle. How many of the benefits would you actually use? If you’re a frequent Amazon shopper, the membership might pay for itself simply with what you save on shipping! If you frequently rent movies or books, you’ll also save money with access to hundreds of titles for free with your membership.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Amazon offers huge discounts for some groups, so be sure to check if you qualify before paying full price. For example, students and limited income individuals can get their membership for a fraction of the cost. And if you still aren’t sold–try an Amazon Prime free trial!

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