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Is AppleCare for iPads worth it?

While there’s no doubt that iPads are a popular and quality product, one thing’s for sure - they weren’t designed to be unbreakable. Whether the large glass screen gets cracked on your commute to work or your toddler spills juice on it during morning cartoons, damaging an iPad is a daily possibility for most users. That’s where extended warranty options like AppleCare+ come in. Options is a key word here, because you do have options when it comes to an extended iPad warranty.

AppleCare+ is a popular warranty option among iPad users as it's front-and-center when you're purchasing your iPad, but it’s not necessarily the most affordable option. It can be difficult to understand how it compares to other warranties out there and what warranty coverage is available for your device.

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You might have specific questions about AppleCare iPad screen repair, what AppleCare for iPad Pro costs, or what coverage is included in AppleCare for an iPad Air 4. Once you get into the details and product variations, it can be difficult to nail these answers down. In this article we’ll look at AppleCare+ for iPads, what coverage is included, how it compares to other extended warranties, and whether or not it’s the best option for you.

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What is AppleCare and what does it cover?

AppleCare is Apple’s standard warranty included with the purchase of almost all of Apple’s products. For most products, standard AppleCare includes 90 days of technical support and one year of hardware repair coverage that covers incidents such as inherent hardware issues or defects that occurred in manufacturing.

What is AppleCare+?

AppleCare+ is an extended warranty option that increases both your coverage and how long your device is insured. AppleCare+ extends your warranty for two years from the purchase date and includes additional coverage and protection beyond standard hardware issues or manufacturing defects.

What does AppleCare+ cover?

So what does AppleCare+ include? Here’s a breakdown of the benefits for your iPad:

  • Extended warranty. Extends your warranty to two years from the time you purchase AppleCare+.
  • Express replacement service. One benefit of AppleCare+ is that Apple will ship a new device to you so you don’t have to wait for your iPad to be repaired.
  • Priority customer service. With AppleCare+, you’ll have 24/7 access to priority Apple customer service for help with installation or other support for your iPad.

What doesn't AppleCare+ cover?

While AppleCare+ does offer repairs and replacements for accidental damage, lost or stolen iPads are not included in AppleCare+ coverage, and your warranty will not be helpful if your iPad goes missing.

How much does AppleCare+ cost?

The cost of AppleCare+ depends on the product you have and the payment plan you choose. Apple offers both a monthly subscription and a 2-year fixed term option for the iPad. The cost breakdown is as follows:

  • iPad Pro 12.9 inch: $7.99 per month or $149 for 2 years
  • iPad Pro 11 inch: $5.99 per month or $129 for 2 years
  • iPad Air 5th Generation: $3.99 per month or $79 for 2 years
  • iPad or iPad Mini: $3.49 per month or $69 for 2 years

In addition to the upfront cost, for every accidental damage incident, you’ll have to pay an additional $49 deductible.

What do warranties look like for other tablets?

With the purchase of most other tablets, you’ll get a free warranty that is comparable to standard AppleCare. Below are some of the most popular tablets on the market and their warranties:

  • Amazon Fire. With the purchase of an Amazon Fire tablet, you’ll get a warranty that lasts anywhere from 90 days to two years, depending on the model of the tablet. This warranty includes basic coverage for incidents like manufacturing defects or hardware failures.
  • Samsung Galaxy. When you purchase a Samsung Galaxy tablet, you’ll get a one year, basic warranty that covers the device, its battery, and accessories. The warranty covers basic hardware defects and manufacturing issues, but excludes coverage for accidental damage or user wear and tear.
  • Microsoft Surface. The warranty included with a Microsoft Surface tablet is almost identical to standard AppleCare. You’ll receive 90 days of technical support from Microsoft experts and a one year warranty against defective hardware.

Inside track: Mulberry Unlimited will cover all of your devices, regardless of the brand or manufacturer. If you’re interested in extending your coverage not only for your iPad, but across any device, subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited. It's the most affordable product protection you can find for almost any product you buy online.

Are there better extended warranty options besides AppleCare+?

If you’re on the fence about AppleCare+, know that there are other warranty options out there, like Mulberry Unlimited. Product protection providers like Mulberry offer extensive, comprehensive product coverage at affordable rates.

When you subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited, you can great product protection for many of your devices under the same plan. Bottom line, it makes good financial sense to explore what coverage options are available to you before you commit to an AppleCare+ extended warranty.

Should you get AppleCare+ for iPads?

Whether or not you should invest in AppleCare+, Mulberry Unlimited, or another extended warranty for your iPad depends on how much risk you’re willing to take. While AppleCare+ offers greater coverage than regular AppleCare, it is an expensive cost to pile on an already expensive purchase. If you do your research, you may find a company like Mulberry that offers accident protection or extended coverage at a much lower rate.

Subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited for comprehensive product protection coverage on all your Apple devices under the same plan.

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