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Best Buy, Walmart, or Amazon: Which offers the best extended warranty for electronics?

For your tech purchases from TVs to headphones to computers, you want to make sure to get the best extended warranty for electronics.

Electronics are high-cost, high-use, and at high risk of damage. Extended warranties are worth it when they can save you the cost of replacing the item and the long time waiting for your replacement to arrive. Retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon offer their own warranty options at checkout. In addition, customers have other options to purchase warranties separately through warranty providers.

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What an electronics extended warranty covers

New tech is covered by a standard manufacturer warranty, which automatically comes with your purchase. This provides limited coverage that only applies to problems that occur because something wasn’t manufactured correctly.

An extended warranty for electronics can include any of the following:

How to get a great price tech warranty

Protection plans are difficult to compare side by side. You have to make sure to evaluate what the accidental damage warranty covers and what the total cost is that they’re charging for that service.

When comparing electronics warranty plans, here are some things to consider to get a great price on your tech warranty.

  • Length of time of contract. Don’t compare the cost of a 1-year plan to a 3-year plan. You often get a better deal by choosing a longer-length plan if you plan to use the product for multiple years.
  • Total of monthly costs. Some plans give you the option to pay the plan per month, or work according to monthly membership costs. Add up the monthly costs to see what they would cost over the full length of the contract. You may save money by paying all at once.
  • Claim limits. Some plans include limits on the number of claims you can make while you’re covered. Look at the limitations to see what value you’re getting for the length of coverage.
  • Deductibles. Many companies charge a deductible or service charge to make a repair when you’ve filed a claim. If you will be charged to use your warranty you’re already paying for, add these costs into the comparison between plans.

Electronics warranty comparison

Between warranty programs options offered at checkout to third party providers, the choices on each can be hard to compare. Mulberry Unlimited lets you cover all your electronic devices under the same product protection plan, so you know exactly what you're getting.

We’ve done the work for you to show a breakdown of electronics warranty costs and coverage from main providers for four popular products on the market today. Here is an overview of what the coverage options are for electronics from Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon.

Best Buy electronics warranty

If you’re interested in a Best Buy protection plan that kicks in when your manufacturer’s warranty runs out, you’ll want to consider Geek Squad protection. Geek Squad is Best Buy's do-it-all service, which offers repairs, installation, and extended warranty protection. With a Geek Squad protection plan, you'll get:

  • 24/7 access to Geek Squad agents.
  • In-home repair for major appliances and TVs.
  • Plans with accidental damage protection.
  • If you sell your product or give it away, you can transfer coverage to the new owner.

If you want to save money on your Best Buy protection plan, you can also sign up for a Total Tech membership. This grants you unlimited tech support and various other services at no additional cost. It’s important to note that this membership can even apply to products that you didn’t purchase from Best Buy.

With a Total Tech membership, you save up to 20% on Geek Squad protection, AppleCare+, and several kinds of repairs and advanced services.

Walmart electronics warranty

All Walmart electronics you purchase will come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty, which should provide you with basic coverage ranging from 90 days to one year for any sort of faulty parts or mechanical failures that can be traced to manufacturing errors. While this is a great thing to have, it’s not enough to provide you with the peace of mind you need to use your electronics freely.

Whether you’re trying to decide between different Walmart laptop computers or a Walmart TV that you can add for your home entertainment system like, Walmart offers two types of product protection plans for their electronics through Allstate.

The standard Walmart protection plan covers electrical and mechanical failures, power surges and supply failures, as well as breakdowns during normal use. You’ll be covered for up to three additional years depending on the plan you choose.

If you want to be 100% covered and have complete peace of mind, you can opt for the accident plan, which adds coverage for spills, cracks, and drops. The specifics of your warranty terms will change depending on the product you’re covering.

Amazon electronics warranty

If you purchase electronics from the “Amazon Basics” line, you’re entitled to Amazon's manufacturer warranty, which covers your devices for one year and includes protection against defects in manufacturing and workmanship. If you purchase an item from a different brand, you’ll likely be entitled to the manufacturer’s warranty from that company.

Protection plans are also available through Asurion for Amazon laptops and other electronics, and you can choose between standard and accident protection plans. The standard Amazon protection plan will go into effect when your manufacturer’s warranty runs out, and essentially provides a continuation of the same coverage.

Another warranty provider on Amazon is SquareTrade, which offers 1-, 2-, and 3-year plans that are backed by Allstate. Much like other protection plans, the cost will depend on the value of the item you’re protecting and the duration of coverage.

Get coverage from the best electronics warranty company

Extended warranties can be a big money and time saver when you have a break that compromises your tech. An extended warranty provides extended protection insurance that can give you peace of mind when you’re purchasing electronics that you’ll use regularly.

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