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What does a jewelry extended warranty cover?

Whether you prefer investing in diamonds, pearls, precious gemstones, or gold, jewelry repair can be very costly. However, with a jewelry extended warranty, you might never have to pay for repair or replacement costs again. Instead, you can protect your jewelry for a nominal fee, covering damage to your pieces for years to come. If you've ever paid to repair jewelry, you can appreciate the peace of mind that comes with purchasing a jewelry extended warranty.

If you're looking for product protection that goes beyond just covering your jewelry, subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited. You'll get coverage for all your jewelry pieces and more under the same product protection plan, meaning your purchases are covered no matter what. Whether its cheaper Amazon jewelry or a piece of expensive Zales jewelry, it deserves to be protected all the same.

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What does a jewelry extended warranty cover?

If you're wondering what a jewelry extended warranty actually covers, keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

1. Broken chains or clasps

Broken chains and clasps have happened to all of us. Your only option is to swap the chain (if you have one that you can actually make work) or shelve it and wear something else. Jewelry warranties can cover broken chains, clasps, and bracelets. With a jewelry extended warranty, you can get your favorite piece repaired instead of having it collect dust in your jewelry box.

2. Lost center diamonds or scratched gemstones

A scratch on your diamond or a crack in a gem is really disappointing (and unsightly). An extended warranty protects you against various types of damage, and covers repair and replacement services depending on the mishap. It even protects you against lost center diamonds or gemstones if the loss is due to defects in mounting or workmanship.

3. Broken prongs or shanks

When there's a broken or worn out prong, it can loosen the stone setting, and eventually you may lose the gemstones or diamonds. Moreover, if there's a broken shank, the ring is rendered completely useless, as manufacturers do not cover these defects. The extended warranty has you covered in these cases.

4. Resizing and restringing

Apart from damages and defects, extended warranties also cover resizing of one ring and a one-time replacement of pearls.

5. Damaged or broken watches

You may not think of a watch as jewelry, but it counts. Protect your expensive timepieces with luxury watch warranties and smartwatch warranties. Similar to jewelry extended warranties, luxury watch warranties and smartwatch warranties can cover damages, scratches and broken links.

Protect your jewelry with Mulberry Unlimited

With Mulberry Unlimited, there are no deductibles and no extra fees if you have to file a claim. If you do invest in a jewelry extended warranty, make sure you read the fine print so you know what's covered.

Mulberry Unlimited makes your warranty coverage easy to understand, and your claim process simple. Subscribe today and never worry about paying for expensive repair or replacement costs again.

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