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Try these 6 useful at-home tips to care for diamond jewelry

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Diamonds are known as a girl’s best friend, a symbol of love, and a physical representation of a lifelong commitment. They come in all different shapes and sizes, for all different occasions. A certain diamond shape can help make an outfit, while a salt and pepper diamond can show off the natural uniqueness a diamond inhabits. To many, they’re a lot more than just a precious piece of jewelry, which is why it's important to keep them protected.

Even with top-notch home care, nothing will protect your diamonds like an extended warranty plan. Since they last for so long, product protection is crucial to ensuring your diamond jewelry is taken care of in the event of an accident or loss. When you subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited, you'll get coverage for your diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, and more under the same product protection plan.

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6 great ways to care for your diamonds at home

Although diamonds are durable, long-lasting, and generally damage-resistant, they still need protection and attentiveness. At-home care for diamonds is a great way to maintain their quality, extend their life, and extract their maximum value. These tips will help you keep your diamonds in great condition without breaking the bank.

1. Avoid overuse

You should, of course, enjoy your diamond jewelry to the maximum. But keep in mind that overusing items or wearing them every single day for decades will cause their quality to lessen over time.

Doing activities such as exercising, showering, or sleeping with your jewelry on is one of the most common ways to degrade diamond quality, and can inflict a wide range of damages. Oils, dirt, and grime on your fingers can especially cause pieces to deteriorate. Keep your diamonds shining and sparkling in perpetuity by giving them a break from time to time.

2. Wait until the end of your routine to put your diamonds on

If your favorite part of getting ready is accessorizing with your jewelry, it might be tough to wait until the end of your routine to put your diamond necklace or earrings on.

However, regularly doing things such as skincare practices, applying makeup, and getting dressed before putting on your jewelry prevents the potential physical or chemical damage that can result from it getting caught on a clothing item or being exposed to makeup and skincare formulas.

3. Be gentle

This may seem obvious, but some of us are more clumsy and brash than others, and might not be as delicate as we could be when putting on our diamonds, taking them off, or storing/transporting them. If you want your diamond jewelry to stay in good condition, always remember to handle it carefully.

4. Consider an insurance plan that covers repairs and replacement in case of damage

Investing in a jewelry protection plan is advantageous if you want to protect your diamonds to the best of your ability. An extended warranty on your jewelry can provide insurance in case of damage, which will allow you free or affordable repairs and replacements. An extended warranty plan represents the most robust form of security for your pieces, and can safe you from expensive jewelry repair costs.

5. Store them carefully

Ensure your diamonds won’t suffer damage while they’re waiting to be worn by keeping them in a safe jewelry storage space. Diamond jewelry should be kept in a dry, clean, sunlight-free and humidity-free box. It should also be kept away from other jewelry, as it can scratch nearby diamonds, gold, silver, or any other type of jewelry.

Other parts of your diamond pieces (such as the chain or clasp) can also be damaged as a result of contact with nearby items. Something like a vintage jewelry can even keep your jewelry safe while looking great too.

6. Clean them regularly

Regularly cleaning your diamond jewelry is one of the best things you can do to preserve its long-term quality. The best jewelry cleaner for diamonds is always up for debate, but cleaning a diamond with a toothbrush and diamond cleaner made from mild soap/dishwashing liquid and water, represents the most tried-and-true method. Make sure to do your research and verify which at-home cleaning method is best for your specific items.

Getting the most out of your diamond jewelry

Keeping these practices in mind, along with an extended warranty plan, will let you enjoy your diamonds for years to come. Although some jewelry retailers offer warranty options, their coverage is limited and comes with a lot of stipulations.

Product protection is the best way to can care for your jewelry, and the only way to ensure it's fully covered in the event of an accident, damage, or loss. Subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited for comprehensive coverage for your jewelry and more under the same product protection plan.

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