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Which jewelry retailers offer extended warranties?

person repairing gemstone in ring

While jewelry makes a wonderful gift for that special someone (or yourself!), the truth is that it’s easy to damage–and fixing it isn’t cheap. Whether the gem on your favorite ring is loose, your go-to gold necklace has a broken clasp, or the pearls on your bracelet become detached, chances are you’ll wish you had an extended warranty for your jewelry.

With many warranty options on the market, choosing the best plan can be tricky. In this article, we’ll explore some popular jewelry brands, the basic warranty plans they offer, what they cover, and why an extended warranty for jewelry is a good idea.

Are jewelry warranties worth it?

In most cases, the answer is yes. Here are a few factors to consider:

There’s a common misconception that jewelry warranties aren’t worth it because lost or stolen jewelry is sometimes included in homeowner insurance policies. While this can be true based on the circumstances, most homeowner insurance policies do not include coverage for accidental damage. If your jewelry is scratched, broken, or otherwise damaged, and still in your possession, this policy won't be helpful. Install the Mulberry extension to get accidental damage protection for all of your jewelry.

For a less expensive jewelry item, you might prefer to take your chances. If you can replace the item for less than the cost of an extended warranty, it probably doesn't make sense to spend the money. But for a more expensive piece of jewelry, repairs or replacements are usually far more costly than an extended warranty plan. Check out this article to see how to calculate the cost of an extended warranty. 

Whether extended jewelry warranties are worth it really comes down to the individual protection plan and the included coverage. If you have purchased product protection plans, you know not all warranties are created equal. Let's take a look a few popular jewelers and the warranty coverage they offer.

Jewelry warranty plans

Apple watch insurance

You may not immediately think of your Apple watch as a jewelry piece, but it’s an important item to protect. Having Apple watch insurance can save you from costly repairs or a replacement if your screen breaks, your watch experiences a drop or a spill, or any other incident occurs.

There are many warranty options for your Apple watch, but the most well known is probably AppleCare+. To learn more about the cost of AppleCare+, check out this article. Just because it's the most well-known doesn't mean it's the best option. Did you know you can get Apple watch insurance through Mulberry for a fraction of the price you'll pay for AppleCare+? You'll pay $79 for AppleCare+; a MulberryCare plan will only cost $38.99!

Get MulberryCare for Apple watch

Zales jewelry warranty

When you purchase jewelry from Zales, you can choose between two warranty options for your jewelry. For any diamond purchase above $200, you’ll receive a complimentary warranty plan with limited coverage (mainly diamond replacement and free cleanings). For an extra cost, you can invest in a lifetime protection plan that includes ring resizing, stone resetting, refinishing, repairs, and other benefits. The coverage has quite a few exclusions, including, but not limited to:

  • Damage occurred from failure to maintain the jewelry properly
  • Abuse or damage beyond normal wear and tear
  • Loss or theft
  • Gem replacement

If you want comprehensive coverage beyond the Zales jewelry warranty, MulberryCare offers accidental damage protection through the extension.

Kay jewelry warranty

Kay Jewelers offers both standard warranty and an extended warranty plans. The standard warranty is free and included with your purchase, which includes lifetime gem replacement and free mounting for a year. For more extensive coverage, you can purchase the extended plan warranty, which covers incidents like normal wear and tear, stone resetting, and some repairs.

It’s important to note that a Kay jewelry warranty does have some fine print. The conditions state that it’s not considered a “repair plan,” so jewelry that needs repairs isn’t covered. It also excludes incidents such as abuse, loss, theft, and damage from natural disasters.

Pandora jewelry warranty

Does Pandora jewelry have a warranty? Yes, Pandora offers a complimentary standard 2-year warranty with any purchase of silver or gold jewelry. The warranty includes coverage for manufacturer defects and some repairs. Make sure you research what repairs are covered to see if that provides adequate coverage for you, or if it makes sense to invest in an extended jewelry warranty. Loss, theft, normal wear and tear, and abuse are not covered under the Pandora jewelry warranty, so that may be enough for you to consider more comprehensive coverage like MulberryCare.

Jared jewelry warranty

Jared offers a complimentary lifetime guarantee for most gemstones that are lost or damaged during normal wear. For greater coverage, Jared also offers an extended service plan, which includes ring resizing, refinishing, stone resetting, and some repairs, but excludes incidents such as loss, abuse, and theft. This Jared jewelry warranty offers more coverage than most retailers but the cost is calculated based on the value of your jewelry, which means it can be very pricey. 

Amazon jewelry warranty

Amazon’s protection plan for jewelry is offered by Assurant, and the coverage is simple: it covers resetting stones, untangling knots and kinks, mounting repair, and restringing pearls. Most types of jewelry, including watches, bracelets, earrings and rings are included in the plan. The price of an Amazon jewelry protection plan ranges anywhere from $0-$49.99, depending on the item you’re covering. Before you purchase an Amazon jewelry warranty, compare the price to MulberryCare. Install the Mulberry extension to see extended warranty options right in your Amazon cart.

Deciding whether to invest in a jewelry warranty plan is an important decision, and whether jewelry warranties are worth it really depends on the value of your jewelry item and how much risk you’re willing to take. If you decide not to purchase a warranty, here are some tips to help you take care of your jewelry so you can avoid service and repair costs down the road.

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