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The online shopping sites with the fastest shipping

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The global e-commerce market is undeniably massive and ever-expanding. And as a result of the industry’s growth, retailers are continuously fighting to exceed high consumer expectations and beat out their competition. Online shopping has never been so fast, easy, and streamlined. Many conveniences that were once considered luxury add-ons are now offered by most of the top online shopping sites.

With the constant stream of products always coming in thanks to online shopping, it's important to keep product protection in mind. Extended warranty plans like MulberryCare can help protect your purchases from accidents, damage, and more. Install the Mulberry browser extension to find protection plans in real time as you shop.

If über-fast shipping is a top priority for you when it comes to choosing an online retailer, keep reading to learn which sites offer the fastest shipping times.


This e-commerce leader basically pioneered fast shipping. Amazon implemented its same-day shipping program in 2015 and can now deliver some items in as little as a few hours.

If you don’t already have an account, you can sign up for an Amazon Prime free trial to see these fast shipping times for yourself. You’ll enjoy a range of free shipping (including same-day or 2-day) options, access to Prime Video, and other exclusive perks.


While Target is known primarily for its physical stores and enjoyable in-person shopping experience, its online presence is growing. You can order almost anything on Target’s website, from top-notch beauty items to outdoor furniture.

If you purchase something via the internet and opt for home delivery, most items will arrive in 3-6 business days. If you use your Target RedCard or spend over $35, however, your purchase is eligible for free 2-day shipping.

Best Buy

Best Buy specializes primarily in consumer electronics and home appliances, but also offers items in a variety of other categories. Whether you’re looking for a new Macbook Pro, a pre-owned Samsung phone, or an entire home office setup, Best Buy probably has it.

You can get your order delivered for free within 2 days or opt for same-day shipping (available for only select products). You can also get your items shipped to one of many Best Buy locations or an alternative pickup location—i.e., Walgreens, Michaels, or another independent retailer—to get it even sooner.


Chewy provides an array of pet products, stocking everything from novelty reptile accessories to bunny treats. Many consumers use this site to make recurring purchases for pet essentials like cat litter, dog food, or flea medication.

Buyers love the short Chewy shipping time, and most customers receive their shipments within 1-2 days of their order. All orders over $35 ship for free.


Nordstrom is a chic department store known for its range of fashion, beauty, and jewelry products. You can opt to shop in person at a physical store, but Nordstrom’s e-commerce shopping experience is seamless and quick.

If you choose standard delivery, you can expect your items in 3-7 days, but if you need your goods sooner, you can choose 2-day or next-day shipping. Check out the range of iconic Nordstrom dresses, luxury fragrances, and high-quality handbags.


This retailer represents a budget option, selling pretty much everything, including food and automotive parts. You can get great deals through Walmart and save money on the basics you need.

Despite its low costs, it offers extremely fast shipping. Express delivery options include 1-hour, 2-day, and 3-day shipping. For those who choose standard Walmart free shipping, expect a 2–5-day delivery window.

Protect your purchases with Mulberry

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