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Are sales events worth it? What products to buy when

Throughout the year, there are many big shopping holidays that are known for offering huge discounts on a variety of items. Retailers use these holiday sales to run great promotions and deals throughout the year. Smart shoppers learn the national retail sales calendar to decide when to make a purchase.

Sometimes, an unexpected accident or break emergency means you need a new appliance or mattress right away. But other times, if you’re seeing your rug start to fray or looking at a tv upgrade, it’s worth it to see whether there’s an upcoming sale on that product that might be worth waiting for later in the year instead of splurging now.

Regardless of when you buy, an extended warranty plan like MulberryCare is always a good idea to ensure you're protected from all types of damage and accidents. Now, let's take a look at what sales events are worth it.

Do sales events really save you money?

If you’re wondering whether the savings on a holiday weekend are really worth waiting for, the answer is, sometimes yes and sometimes no.

For example, there are plenty of end-of-season sales that happen with less fanfare, and might vary slightly in dates and sale categories from store to store. These clearance sales might offer bigger savings than the holiday sales earlier in the season. However, end of season clearance often also includes a more limited selection. So if you’re waiting on a specific item, it’s best to make the purchase when it goes on holiday sale, rather than wait to see if it’s still available at end of season clearance.

What products can you expect sales on

Here are the top sales events coming up, and the product categories you can expect to see discounted.

Back to School

Dorm room essentials

The back to school sales are a great time for college students to furnish or add to a dorm room, from discounts on bedding and decor to dorm-friendly furniture and dish sets.


Apparel and shoes in ready-for-fall styles often see big discounts. Many retailers offer big sales around this time as end of season clearance.

School supplies and tech

You can expect to save big on tech like laptops on sale for the new school year. In addition to the discounts, many states offer tax-free days in August to shop for essentials like school supplies, clothing, and tech without the added costs.

Labor Day and early September


If you missed the chance to get a new grill during Father’s Day sales, you can score big savings at the end of the season as stores clear out their summer inventory. 

Furniture and patio furniture

Labor Day is known for big sales on furniture. Stores are eager to clear out their summer-specific furniture, so patio furniture goes on clearance. In addition, many furniture retailers release new furniture items in February and August - so expect any remaining items to go on super sale as retailers try to clear out current inventory.


You can find car sales during most long-weekend holidays. Labor Day’s deals are especially sweet, as September is a time that companies will prepare to switch to selling the 2023 models, so they’re likely to offer better incentives on the 2022 models.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are known for massive electronics sales. If you’re shopping for holiday gifts or upgrading your own devices, this weekend is the best time to look for discounts on laptops, video game consoles, speakers, TVs, earphones, and more.

Home appliances

The weekend following Thanksgiving offers discounts on a huge variety of products. With appliances large and small, the holiday savings can result in slashed prices on high-cost home appliances that can save you lots. The deals are especially good on large home appliances, from refrigerators to washers and dryers.

New Year’s Eve, New Year's Day, and early January

Beauty items

A lot of items packed into gift packages are being cleared out after the holidays. You can get year-round items that are wrapped. Also, several major beauty brands, including Bath and Body Works, Sephora, and Ulta, will often run big sales in January.

Department and warehouse clearance

You can expect big sales on entire store inventory in warehouses and department stores that are looking to unload their old inventory to make way for the new year models. Look for big bargains on warehouse and department store TV’s, digital cameras, and furniture.

How can you shop smart?

  • Look at all product costs, including shipping costs, and make sure to read the return policies ahead of time to avoid unexpected return costs.
  • Check out the product warranty details, including if a manufacturer warranty is included, and what it covers. Get product protection to add coverage against accidental damage or extend the manufacturer warranty coverage, available through your favorite online retailers or through the Mulberry browser extension.
  • When considering a non-immediate purchase, look to see if there’s an upcoming holiday that will offer discounted prices in that category. You can still save when shopping outside of holiday seasons by using coupon and discount shopping sites to get reduced prices.

We're always on the lookout to save you money, so be sure to check back often as we add new products and services to help you keep more money in your pocket.


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