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Which music streaming service has the best year-end playlist?

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You can always tell the end of the year is approaching when your favorite music app starts presenting its year-end wrap-ups and annual playlists. Listeners all over the world eagerly await to hear their data carefully analyzed and revisit their most listened-to songs, albums, genres, and more.

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Top year-end wrap-ups by music streaming services

If you aren’t committed to a specific streaming service yet, you might be wondering which one has the best, or if there’s a better one out there than what you have now. Although for the most part they’re all very similar, each one has something to make it unique.

Apple Music Replay

Apple Music Replay takes listener data and reports their top songs and artists of the year, as well as their most-streamed songs of all time. Users will also get a personalized playlist based on their listening history, which gets updated throughout the year. With a mix of new and old songs, the playlist is a great way to discover new music based on your personal taste.

If you’re in the top 100 fans of an artist, you’ll be able to see your standing on the app, which is something worth sharing on social media, and even tagging the artist in!

Spotify Wrapped

Potentially the most well-known year-end playlist, Spotify Wrapped is a data-driven feature that showcases a user's listening habits throughout the year. Typically released in November, users can share and explore their Spotify Wrapped for a whole month before the year is over and the tracking starts over.

Spotify creates personalized playlists based on the user's listening history, as well as top songs and artists of the year. Each collection of stats is put into an aesthetically-pleasing, shareable card. They also often include fun elements like getting to know your musical “aura” and listening personality. You can even opt to blend playlists with a friend and participate in interactive games.

YouTube Music Recap

The YouTube Music Recap is available throughout the year and provides you with a recap on a seasonal basis. However, it also features an annual round-up and creates a playlist based on your listening history throughout the year. 

These results are also made to be shareable so you can show friends and family where you stack up compared to them. With both old and new songs incorporated in the auto-generated playlists, users will be able to discover all sorts of songs based on their personal tastes.

Pandora Playback

Pandora Playback is the “year in review” feature for all Pandora subscribers. Users will get personalized results based on their most-played songs and artists of the year, as well as their personalized radio stations.

Protect your playlists and subscriptions

Although Spotify seems to have the most advanced analytics and results, all of the major music streaming services offer similar insights. Regardless of which one you sign up for, make sure you subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited for access to product protection for all your essential devices and subscriptions.

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