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Apple insurance for all of your devices

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Apple makes some of the most popular devices on the market, but they’re also expensive and prone to damage. Is there anything more nerve-wracking than dropping hundreds of dollars on a purchase, only to worry it could break? Luckily, insuring your Apple devices is a great way to guarantee that you’ll get everything you’re hoping for out of your purchases.

If you’ve spent any time looking into ways to protect your Apple devices, you’ve probably heard of Apple insurance. But what is Apple insurance, what types of devices does it protect, and is it worth it for you?

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What is Apple insurance?

Apple insurance, also known as AppleCare, is the warranty that Apple offers for its products. There are two types of Apple insurance. Here is the break down of each and what they cover:

Standard Apple insurance

Standard Apple insurance is included for free when you purchase any Apple device. Coverage includes 90 days of technical support from Apple experts, as well as a year of basic coverage for manufacturer’s defects and internal hardware issues. Standard Apple insurance does not include coverage for accidental damage, so you’ll be on your own for any repairs or replacements for anything accident-related.

Extended Apple insurance

Extended Apple insurance extends the coverage that basic Apple insurance offers, both for a longer period of time and with greater coverage. Extended Apple insurance includes coverage for accidental damage, such as dents, scratches, cracked screens and more. With Apple insurance, you can file unlimited claims, but you’ll pay a deductible each time. 

What can you protect with Apple insurance?

Here are the Apple products that you can protect with Apple insurance, along with some details about what they cover:


Apple insurance for iPads lasts 2 years from when you purchase it and allows for unlimited claims, with a $49 charge for every accidental damage claim. Apple insurance for iPads provides coverage for incidents like cracked screens, mechanical failures, liquid damage, and more.


Apple insurance for MacBook lasts 3 years from the time of purchase, costs between $477 and $877 (depending on the type of MacBook you have and the type of damage) for a plan with unlimited damage claims, and requires a $99 deductible for every screen damage claim, as well as a $299 deductible for all other types of accident claims.

AirPods and Beats

Apple AirPods insurance lasts 2 years from the purchase date, and ranges in cost, depending on the type of listening device you have. Apple insurance with unlimited claims for Beats, for example, costs $87.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch insurance lasts either 2 or 3 years from the time of purchase, depending on the model you have. The cost of the plan varies based on the Apple Watch model, but ranges between $217 and $307 for a plan with unlimited claims.


Apple iPhone insurance lasts 2 years from the time you purchase it, and ranges in cost, depending on the model. It costs between $257 and $397, depending on the iPhone you have.

Alternatives to Apple insurance

Although you’ve probably heard of Apple insurance, you might not be familiar with product protection plans, which are a great alternative for protecting your Apple devices. Product protection plans are similar to traditional extended warranties, but with more protection and less fine print.

With a product protection plan from Mulberry, you can protect your Apple devices for a fraction of the cost of a traditional extended warranty. For example, while Apple iPhone insurance costs around $287 for a 3 year plan and requires a deductible for most claims, a 3-year Mulberry plan to protect your iPhone costs only $79.99, with no deductibles when you make a claim.

What type of insurance is best for your Apple products?

Ultimately, what type of protection is best for your Apple products really depends on how much risk you’re willing to assume. While standard Apple insurance will provide a year’s worth of protection against manufacturer’s defects and hardware failures, in the event of an accident, you’ll have to pay out of pocket for any repairs or even a replacement. With the extended version of Apple insurance, you’ll have accidental coverage, but you’ll be hit with deductibles every time you need to make a claim.

In the end, a protection plan like Mulberry Unlimited has benefits that traditional warranties just don’t offer. With no claim limits, no hidden fees, no deductibles, and coverage offered at an unbeatable price, protecting your Apple devices is simple and hassle-free.

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