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How Retailers Can Make Extended Warranty Programs More Human

On the receiving end of an extended warranty program, consumers want their experience to be as simple as possible. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Purchasing extended warranties and then filing claims when necessary can be frustrating for the consumer, especially if the customer service experience leaves them with more questions than answers.
Luckily, there’s a way for retailers to make the extended warranty process more human for their customers, increasing customer satisfaction and giving buyers the peace of mind they need to make purchases confidently (and ideally return to make repeat purchases). Here’s how.

Prioritize transparency at checkout

If retailers offer an extended warranty at checkout, consumers are more likely to make a commitment to buying a big-ticket item online. At the time of purchase, it should be dead simple for customers to know exactly what’s included in the extended warranty plan and the duration of the coverage. Customers should also be able to log in at any time to view their coverage information. Unfortunately, legacy extended warranty programs make customers wade through a sea of fine print to determine what coverage they’re buying, which can make customers skeptical of not just the warranty, but the retailer itself.

Takeaway: Make sure you’re on the simple and transparent side of the warranty spectrum to keep customers happy with the process and build customer loyalty.

Give Customers a Simple Way to File Claims

The process of filing an extended warranty claim can be stressful for customers. After all, an item that’s important to them has malfunctioned, and they want to know when it will be fixed or replaced. Unfortunately, many extended warranty programs are set up to continue this frustration for customers, making them jump through hoops like retrieving receipts that may be several years old (or lost altogether), or waiting on hold with customer service to determine the status of their claim.

Fortunately, a fully digital extended warranty process can help customers easily file a claim with a click of a button -- without receipts. After they file, they should get a response within 24 hours, which includes whether a repair or replacement option will be provided to them. Customers should be able to check the status online, alleviating the pressure on customer support reps to know the details of every outstanding claim.

Takeaway: All of this service should come at no extra cost to the customer, including deductibles or shipping and handling costs associated with a replacement item.

Keep it Personal in the Post-Purchase

Many retailers may focus their efforts on personalized service before the customer purchases an item, but neglect the post-purchase process (which may include returns, exchanges, or extended warranty claims). Unfortunately, this is a major missed opportunity to impress customers and inspire them to return again and again!

An extended warranty program can help keep this post-purchase experience positive and customized, if done right. Customers can log in to a portal to access their coverage details, and understand exactly what’s happening with their warranty. With personalized messaging and content that’s relevant to their products, they can come away with the knowledge they need to feel confident in their purchase.

Takeaway: Rather than wait on the phone or explain their problem to 10 different customer service reps with no context, a simplified and personalized process can save lots of time and frustration (and dare we say, be delightful?)

A Simple Way to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Most extended warranty plans are caught in the dark ages, but at Mulberry, we focus on helping you provide the best possible experience to customers (with minimal lift for your customer experience and operations teams). Mulberry is a fully managed extended warranty platform, meaning it serves as a one-stop-shop for eCommerce extended warranty needs.

Best of all for retailers, customers who purchase extended warranties are two times more likely to make repeat purchases. If customers are treated in a personal, human way throughout the entire process, they’ll leave with the best possible impression of your brand.

Interested in offering extended warranties to your customers? Reach out to us at Mulberry. We support most major platforms, are receipt-less, and customers love us.

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