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When it's time for a new oven: Samsung, Whirlpool, LG, or GE?

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Depending on how long you’ve been a homeowner, you might already be used to troubleshooting appliance issues, DIY appliance maintenance and utilizing manufacturer warranties when they’re available. If you’re experiencing issues with your oven or stove, it’s important that you know what you’re dealing with and what your options are for a remedy. When it does come time to shop for a new oven or range, which brands offer the best warranty coverage?

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Three common oven and stove problems

Here are three of the most common oven and stove issues people run into.

  1. Temperature is either too high or too low
    If your oven isn’t heating to the correct temperature, you might have a calibration issue on your hands. Follow the directions in the user manual and see if recalibration solves the problem. If you're still experiencing issues, it might be a sensor or the heating element itself. Sometimes this is a simple DIY fix, but if that sounds beyond your level of expertise you might need to call a repair technician which could result in a more costly repair or replacement.

  2. Failure to draw power or ignite
    If your oven won’t turn on, chances are you have an electrical problem or a faulty ignitor (make sure you check the power source first). With an electric range, you can try resetting your circuit breaker. If the lights are working but the heat isn’t, you likely have an issue with the heating element. If you have a gas range and the stove won’t light either, you might need to call a professional because that indicates an issue with the gas line. Newer stoves and ranges don't have pilot lights, but depending on the age of your appliance you may want to check that the pilot's lit if you have one.

  3. Food is cooking unevenly
    While your first instinct might be to blame the chef if your food isn't cooked evenly, it might be your oven that’s the cause for a less-than-tasty dinner. Pay attention to where you place items to ensure ideal and even heat exposure. If nothing seems to be preventing even heat distribution and your food isn’t cooking how it should, you might want to consider recalibrating the oven or checking the temperature sensor.

The best oven and stove brands

If you’re looking for the best gas or electric stove on the market, there are a few things to consider before you make a purchase. While an extended appliance warranty is critical to ensure you get maximum value out of your oven, you will get some form of basic manufacturer's warranty when you purchase your appliance. So what coverage do some of the most popular manufacturer's offer?


A household name and technologically-advanced brand, Samsung makes some of the most reliable gas and electric ranges on the market. What does a Samsung warranty for your stove offer?

  • A basic limited manufacturer’s warranty that covers parts and labor for one year.
  • Samsung’s extended warranty program extends the one-year manufacturer's warranty, as long as you buy it before the year is up. Coverage can be extended for up to five years, but scope of coverage is still limited to what is covered by the manufacturer's warranty.


Another common household name, Whirlpool appliances are loved by many for their high-quality and budget-friendly options. What does a Whirlpool warranty for your stove offer?

  • A standard manufacturer’s warranty that covers parts and labor for up to one year.
  • An extended warranty option that provides 1 to 5 years of coverage and guarantees a replacement in lieu of a complete repair.


If you’re looking for something reliable that also has the latest features with sleek and stylish designs, LG might be your perfect match. What does an LG warranty for your stove offer?

  • A basic limited warranty that covers one year of parts and labor.
  • An extended warranty can be purchased for 1 to 3 years.


One of the oldest brands out there, GE is a no-brainer when it comes to appliance comparison shopping. What does a GE warranty for your stove offer?

  • A limited manufacturer’s warranty that covers one year of parts and labor.
  • Single or multi-year extended warranty plans that cover parts and labor, in addition to replacement costs if they can’t fix your appliance.
  • Some plans will charge a deductible when you file your claim, so make sure you read the fine print and you know what you're getting.

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