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Best Buy Geek Squad protection: What does it cover and is it worth the cost?

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Best Buy’s Geek Squad program offers a variety of tech support solutions, including product installation, protection (extended warranties), and repairs. Best Buy offers the Geek Squad program as a subscription service or on a product-by-product basis for a range of electronics, from appliances to computers to cell phones to TVs.

If you’re about to make an electronics purchase, is it worth it to get a Geek Squad protection plan or go with a Best Buy Totaltech membership? Or go with another warranty provider like Mulberry? Before you shop, install the Mulberry extension and you'll be able to easily compare extended warranty plans offered by Mulberry and Best Buy as you're browsing online.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s included in the Best Buy Geek Squad services and how they compare to other warranty options on the market.

Geek Squad protection plans: Overview of options

Geek Squad’s protection plans and extended warranties vary in coverage and duration. They are usually offered at competitive rates, especially when compared to similar offerings from AppleCare+ and SquareTrade. At a high level, there are three types of Geek Squad protection plans: product replacement / standard protection, accidental protection, and TotalTech subscription plans.

Product Replacement / Standard Protection Plans

Geek Squad product replacement and standard protection plans cover mechanical issues after the basic manufacturer warranty ends. That means you’ll be covered for issues like malfunctioning screens, batteries no longer holding a charge, and normal wear and tear. For electronics purchases where you’re most concerned about mechanical issues, this type of plan could provide enough coverage at a lower cost than some of the other available options.

This type of coverage is typically offered for:

  • TVs and home theater products
  • Smart home and wifi devices
  • Appliances
  • Portable audio devices
  • Scooters, bikes, and fitness equipment

Accident Protection Plans

Geek Squad accident protection plans cover mechanical issues, like the standard plans, but also include coverage for accidental damage. This is particularly helpful for items that get carried around, like cell phones, smart watches, or cameras.

This type of coverage is typically offered for:

  • Computers and tablets
  • Cell phones
  • Cameras and video equipment
  • Gaming and VR equipment
  • Car electronics
  • Wearable tech like smart watches
  • Drones

Keep in mind, a standard MulberryCare plan already includes accidental damage coverage for your electronics - you don't need to pay more like you will with the Geek Squad accident protection plan.

Best Buy Totaltech Membership

Best Buy also offers a subscription plan that includes product protection along with other benefits. A Totaltech membership costs $199.99/year and includes Geek Squad tech support on all of your tech devices (even if you didn’t buy them at Best Buy), free delivery and standard installation for new items like TVs and dishwashers, and up to 24 months of product protection on select products.

At this hefty annual price, this likely only makes financial sense if you have a lot of electronics and are in frequent need of tech support. Otherwise it will be much more affordable to pay for protection or delivery (which may often be free anyway) as needed.

Geek Squad FAQs

What Makes Geek Squad Protection Different From Manufacturer Warranties?

Geek Squad plans usually cover issues like wear and tear or accidental damage, plus workmanship defects and issues with materials. Manufacturer warranties only cover issues with their workmanship and materials.

Is There a Time Limit to Get a Geek Squad Protection Plan?

Yes. You must purchase the protection plan within 30 days of buying the original item.

How Do I Know What’s Covered in My Plan?

Best Buy has a wide range of Geek Squad plans - the above descriptions provide just a high level overview. To get the exact details of what’s covered and what’s not, you’ll want to read through to the terms and conditions and find the type of plan you’re considering. Pay attention to the restrictions and exclusions for each type of Geek Squad protection plan.

Why Can’t I Get a Geek Squad Plan for Apple Products?

When you purchase an Apple product through Best Buy, such as an iPad or MacBook, it doesn't qualify for Geek Squad protection. You'll still get the standard AppleCare limited warranty, but you'll have to find extended warranty coverage elsewhere. Luckily, Mulberry offers coverage for all Apple devices. When you shop online at Best Buy, you can add MulberryCare coverage to your Apple device purchase. Install the Mulberry extension so you'll receive alerts when your Apple devices qualify for MulberryCare coverage. You can learn more about how MulberryCare and AppleCare+ stack up here.

How does geek squad protection compare to other extended warranties?

Luckily, you have options when it comes to choosing where to get your extended warranty, even if you purchase your product from Best Buy. You can buy protection for your electronics from Apple, SquareTrade, or Mulberry directly. Each provider may offer different plans or terms, including:

  • Longer or shorter plan durations
  • Different deductible costs and service fees (or no deductibles if you choose MulberryCare)
  • Different or zero claim limits
  • Other variables

To help you make a decision, we’ve compared the prices of a Geek Squad plan alongside MulberryCare. For this example, we looked at protection plans for this Dell laptop at Best Buy costing around $430. Even the 5-year MulberryCare extended warranty costs less than half of a 3-year Geek Squad Protection plan. This is why it pays to do your research, and install the Mulberry extension so we can make it easy for you to compare prices.

  Accidental Geek Squad Protection MulberryCare
Cost 1-yr plan $109.99 N/A
Cost 2-yr plan $159.99 N/A
Cost 3-yr plan $199.99 $43.99
Cost 5-yr plan Not available $86.99

Should You Get a Geek Squad Protection Plan?

In deciding whether or not to purchase a Geek Squad protection plan, you’ll need to ask yourself whether the plan includes the coverage you need at a price that delivers enough value. Your options include:

Pay for your own repairs or replacements: If you don’t purchase a protection plan, you can pay out of pocket if any issues arise, either paying for the item to be repaired or to replace the item altogether.

Purchase a Geek Squad protection plan: If one of the Best Buy plans provides the coverage you want and you don't mind paying a premium, you can go ahead and get the plan when you purchase your product.

Get a Best Buy Totaltech membership: If you have a lot of electronics and foresee yourself needing ongoing tech support for various devices, this expensive but comprehensive subscription might make sense for you. If you do invest in this subscription, be sure to maximize the value you receive and rely heavily on the Geek Squad instead of trying to figure out the issue yourself! 

Purchase a plan from another provider: Keep in mind that even if you buy a product from Best Buy, you can purchase a protection plan directly from another warranty company, like Mulberry. As you can see in the cost comparison above, you can often benefit from additional savings just by doing a little comparative shopping.

Are Best Buy’s Geek Squad plans worth the cost?

Geek Squad plans range in price and coverage, but are generally pretty comprehensive if you're willing to pay for it. That coverage, of course, comes at a premium, so whether or not a plan is worth it to you depends on the product, the plan cost, and whether you end up having an issue, either mechanical or accidental. If you do end up having an issue, the cost of the protection plan will be less than paying for a repair or fully replacing a damaged item. 

If you don’t end up filing a claim or using the Geek Squad services during your plan’s coverage period, it can be a hefty cost without much benefit. With other cost-effective options like MulberryCare available to you, which provides comparable coverage that cover the same types of products, it’s helpful to evaluate your alternatives before purchasing an extended warranty.

If you want to see what the protection plan costs are for different electronics or other online purchases, install the Mulberry browser extension. You’ll be able to instantly see your plan options and add the protection plan that best suits your needs.


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