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Everything you need to know about the Apple Vision Pro

The box of the Apple Vision Pro

Apple has unveiled its newest product, the Apple Vision Pro. This groundbreaking augmented reality (AR) headset is the first of its kind, and has shocked the world with what it can do. With transformative features and specs, there's going to be a lot to love once it finally hits the market.

With such an exciting and game-changing device, it's important to keep it protected in case of potential issues like damage, accidents, and more. When you subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited, you'll get coverage for all your electronic devices and more under the same product protection plan, meaning you won't be left on the hook for expensive repair or replacement costs. Wondering what the Apple Vision Pro is and what you can expect from the first Apple AR headset? Here’s what you need to know:

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What is the Apple Vision Pro?

With words like “spatial computing” and “augmented reality” entering the lexicon, you might be wondering what the Apple Vision Pro actually is and why it’s so innovative. Just like the first smartphone was a computer you could hold in your hand, the Apple Vision Pro headset is essentially a computer that can be worn on your face. However, rather than regular mobile computing, the Apple Vision Pro uses spatial computing. This means that instead of using a touch screen or a keyboard, the Vision Pro is controlled through eye movements and hand gestures.

The Vision Pro is far more than the first Apple VR headset. Using Apple’s proprietary technology, it neatly blends your surroundings with your digital content to make it one reality. The Apple Vision Pro is expected to hit the U.S. market in early 2024 and will have a starting price of $3,499. While this price might seem a bit jarring, Apple has made some pretty big promises about what to expect from this new device.

What can the Apple Vision Pro do?

So, what can the Apple Vision Pro do? Here’s a look at just a few of its key features and capabilities:

Clear display

The Apple Vision Pro comes equipped with a micro OLED display for each eye, each of which has more pixels than a 4K TV. This means you’ll enjoy incredible, crystal clear image quality that can make you feel like you’ve been transported anywhere.

Immersive entertainment

If you’re a movie lover, the quality of your entertainment experience is about to reach a whole new level. With the Apple Vision Pro, you can create your own immersive theater experience wherever you are. Control the size of your screen and experience the audio like you’re actually there.

The Apple headsets come equipped with spatial audio technology that can make you feel like you’re immersed in the movie. Additionally, you can play video games, watch TV, and more.


With the Vision Pro, even FaceTime becomes an immersive experience. Using the TrueDepth camera, the Vision Pro can scan your face, creating a digital representation of you that reflects your facial expressions and hand movements in real time.

Eye tracking

Using LEDs and a high speed camera, the Vision Pro reads the input from your eyes, allowing you to control it just by moving them. Not only can you select apps and navigate through the UI, but the Vision Pro also comes equipped with optic recognition, allowing you to unlock the Vision Pro, make payments, and autofill your passwords just by using your eyes.


Worried that using the Vision Pro will feel isolating when other people are around? With the Vision Pro’s EyeSight feature, other people will be able to see a visual representation of your eyes on the device while you’re using it. Unlike VR headsets that immerse you in a virtual world, the Vision Pro’s features are designed to seamlessly blend the physical world with the digital world, and the EyeSight feature is no exception.

3D Camera

With the Vision Pro, you’ll get to experience Apple’s first 3D camera, which allows you to watch videos, look through old photos, and pull up pictures in your messages like they’re right in front of you.

Final thoughts

If the Apple Vision Pro lives up to Apple’s big promises, it’ll be so much more than simply an Apple headset–it will truly change the world.

Whether you decide to take the plunge and pre-order the Vision Pro when it becomes available or opt for a regular VR headset, don’t forget to think about product protection. There’s nothing worse than spending a lot of money on the latest tech, only to have it get damaged or broken soon afterwards. Although Apple offers AppleCare+, it falls short of providing the comprehensive coverage you need.

Luckily, with Mulberry Unlimited, you can get protection against accidents, internal hardware problems, and other issues for only a few dollars a month.

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