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How do companies verify warranty claims?

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When shopping for higher-priced items, you want the security of knowing that any damage or breaks will be covered and that you will receive a replacement or repair for free. No one wants to have to buy a new computer every year if something malfunctions that is outside of your control.

This is where an extended warranty comes into the picture. With product protection offered by brands like the Walmart, Amazon, and Apple, and more, customers are able to file a warranty claim in the event that their product does not perform as promised. However, there are of course nuances in the fine print.

Mulberry Unlimited lets you protect all your purchases under the same product protection plan. You'll get unlimited coverage and unlimited claims with no deductibles or hidden fees. In this article, we will review everything you need to know about filing a warranty claim.

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How does a product warranty work, and how do you claim it?

A product warranty is essentially a document from the manufacturer or provider of a service or product guaranteeing that the product will operate as intended. It also promises customers that they'll receive replacement items in the case of a malfunction, within a designated window of time.

These warranties are common with tech products like phones or computers, appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators, and furniture like sofas and mattresses. Typically, to claim a warranty, you reach out to the product manufacturer, provide a serial number for the product, and file a request.

How can I claim warranty for my product?

Here at Mulberry, we provide product warranties as a third party for items where you may not have access to sufficient coverage directly from the provider. By selecting a plan that suits your needs, you pay a low monthly price for a given window of time to ensure replacement in case the product malfunctions within that timeframe.

When you file a claim with Mulberry, you simply log in to your account to access the dashboard for all your product protection plans and select which one you need a replacement for. There, you will see an updated timeline as we process your warranty claim and work to get you a replacement or repair for your item.

How can I get a warranty without a receipt?

Although many companies will attempt to refuse warranty claims made without a receipt, be persistent when contacting the manufacturer, as technically the only detail they need to identify your product is the item’s serial number. As long as your product is registered in their system, you'll be able to prove you have the item.

How long should a repair under warranty take?

The timeline to complete warranty repairs and process claims can vary drastically from company to company. For some, it'll take weeks, while others may take several months. Ideally, companies should honor a 30-day turnaround time, however the specific warranty may outline a more precise timeline that the company follows in those cases.

Am I still covered under warranty if I forgot to register my item?

Companies may attempt to reject customers from filing claims if they forget to register their item, however this is actually not permitted, and it's a company’s obligation to honor your warranty even if you don't register.

Is screen repair covered under a warranty?

Depending on the device and the manufacturer, this may vary. However, a standard phone warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage, which is typically what causes screen cracks or breaks. Make sure to check with your specific plan to confirm.

However, when you subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited, you'll be covered for all types of accidental damage, and more. All you have to do is log in to your customer dashboard, and follow a few simple steps to complete your claim process.

How do I get a faulty laptop under warranty replaced for free?

Similarly, the terms of your warranty will vary, and some plans cover full replacement. Talk to your provider or manufacturer about your specific case.

Get the best in product protection with Mulberry

For comprehensive and customizable warranty plans, subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited to get product protection for all of your purchases, so you can get coverage beyond what the manufacturer offers.

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