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Should you get a Walmart extended warranty?

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From tires to produce to appliances, you can find almost anything you need at Walmart. The convenience of a one-stop-shop means you'll likely end up purchasing more items than you expected from that retailer. Perhaps you were shopping for home decor, but you see a great deal on that stand mixer you've been wanting. Then you notice that Walmart also offers product protection on that stand mixer. If you spring for the stand mixer, you do want to get an extended warranty; but is a Walmart extended warranty plan the best option to protect your new investment?

In this article we’ll take a deep dive into Walmart’s extended warranty plans, including what they offer, the top product categories that are covered, and how Walmart’s product protection plan compares to other extended warranty options (like Mulberry).

How does Walmart’s extended warranty process work?

Walmart partners with SquareTrade, which is owned by AllState (one of the largest insurance providers in the United States), to offer its product protection plans. While you might think this is a good thing–AllState is a well-known and reliable company, after all–there are some drawbacks to having a middle-man involved in your claims, but more on that later. Let's start with how the process works:

  1. Purchase the plan: Walmart allows you to buy an extended warranty plan anytime within 30 days of purchasing your product (Mulberry gives you up to 50 days to purchase your extended warranty when you use the browser extension). 
  1. Submit a claim: If something happens to your product, you can submit a claim with SquareTrade, either over the phone or through an online form. 
  1. Wait to see if your claim is approved: SquareTrade will consider your claim and provide a response (typically within five days). 
  1. Return your product: If your claim is approved, you'll have to return your product so it can either be repaired or replaced.

What does Walmart’s extended warranty plan cover?

So what does Walmart’s extended warranty plan cover, exactly? Depending on the product you want coverage for, you’ll choose from two types of plans:

  • Standard plan: Walmart’s standard extended warranty plan covers typical wear and tear and manufacturing defects such as power surges, failure to turn-on, and electrical issues.
  • Accident plan: Walmart’s accident extended warranty plan includes everything covered in the standard plan, plus coverage for incidents such as spills and cracked screens.

 What product categories does Walmart cover?


For furniture, Walmart offers a standard extended warranty plan. The cost of a furniture extended warranty plan depends on both the length of coverage and the value of the furniture being insured. For example, 3 years of coverage for a piece of furniture that costs between $100-199 will cost $22. For more expensive furniture items, the price of the warranty is higher. The standard plan includes coverage for incidents such as: 

  • Seam separation
  • Broken hardware, hinges, and pulls
  • Broken joints or cracks

While this may seem like plenty of coverage, there are a few obvious things missing from this list - they'd all fall under accidental damage. For example, what about stains from spilled beverages, burns and heat marks, rips and tears? Nope, not covered through Walmart's furniture extended warranty. Good news: Mulberry offers coverage for all of these incidents, plus much more.


Walmart offers a variety of extended warranty plans for electronics. The extent of coverage depends on the item you’ve purchased. Here are examples of extended warranty plans for some popular categories of electronics:

  1. TVs
    Walmart’s extended warranty plans for TVs include internal issues that arise from normal wear and tear, but exclude accidental coverage. This means if your TV has internal hardware issues, defective pixels, or a manufacturing defect, you can submit a claim.

    However, for accidental incidents (ie: your toddler scratches the screen with a grabber claw, or your buddy misses the football catch), you’re on your own. This can be pretty frustrating after spending extra money to insure your TV with an extended warranty. With Mulberry, however, you’ll get coverage for accidental damage - cracks, scratches and breakage are all covered in addition to mechanical and electrical damage.

  2. Laptops, Mobile Phones, and Tablets
    For laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, Walmart’s extended warranty plan offers a little more coverage. If your device has an external hardware issue, a manufacturing defect, or is damaged in an accident, you’ll be covered. But make sure you read the fine print because there are limitations to what accidental damage is covered.

  3. Appliances
    Walmart also offers extended warranty plans for both large and small appliances. For most appliances, a standard product care plan is available. The price of the plan depends on the length of coverage and the cost of your product. Some examples of incidents that would be covered include mechanical failures, hardware issues, or failure of your appliance to turn on.

    At Mulberry, you can get coverage for both large and small appliances. In addition to what a Walmart extended warranty covers, MulberryCare also provides coverage for up to $500 of coverage for food loss (for large appliances), normal wear and tear, and damage from power surges.

  4. Jewelry
    Walmart’s extended warranty plan for jewelry has a little more nuance than some of their other product protection plans. While the extended warranty plan does cover normal wear and tear or inherent defects, unfortunately you’ll have to prove to SquareTrade that the damage was actually “normal” wear and tear.

    Broken clasps or chains, cracked gem stones, and bent prongs are technically covered in the plan, but if the damage occurred from tampering, being rough, or anything else that doesn’t fall under SquareTrade’s umbrella of a normal incident, your claim will likely be rejected.

    With a MulberryCare plan, you'll be covered for any accidental damage no matter the reason. Broken clasps and chains, cracked or chipped stones, and even polishing is covered under a MulberryCare warranty. You'll never pay any deductible or fees if you have to file a claim. Jewelry extended warranties can even cover watches.

  5. Bikes
    The cost of your Walmart bike extended warranty depends on the price you paid for the bike and the length of coverage you choose. Coverage included in Walmart’s extended warranty for bikes includes damage from normal use and defects that occurred in manufacturing. However, the plan does not cover damage from recklessness, abuse, or incorrect assembly.

    With Mulberry, you’ll get coverage for normal wear and tear, plus free repairs and replacements and coverage for wheels, brakes, and electrical issues.

Is a Walmart extended warranty worth it?

Walmart offers a variety of extended warranty plans for the products they sell, but there are some significant drawbacks. Between having to prove the damage occurred from normal wear and tear, many products being excluded from accidental damage coverage, and having to haggle with an insurance agency, there are better options to protect your investments. Our goal at Mulberry is to provide you with quality coverage at the lowest possible price. Install the extension to get alerts when MulberryCare extended warranties are available for the items you're shopping for online.


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