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Can I add an extended warranty after my purchase?

Extended warranties are meant to cover the unexpected accidents that come when you’re living life, especially if you’re living it with pets, kids, colored beverages, or other accident prone situations. Think: broken phone screen after 6 months, anyone? Sad day for you, and your wallet.

Most products come with a manufacturer's warranty, but you have to choose to add an extended warranty on your purchase. Mulberry Unlimited offers a comprehensive, low-cost protection plan for all your online purchases. You can file unlimited claims, access 24/7 customer support, and even retroactively add protection up to 120 days after your purchase. You always have options to get product protection.

Protect unlimited online purchases for $9.99/month

Why get a plan post-purchase?

There are a lot of situations in which you might want to add a plan after you’ve already made your purchase. Here are a few examples:

  • You ordered a couch and forgot to add a sofa warranty on it when you checked out. 
  • You bought a new rug and wanted to take some time to consider whether or not to get a plan, and how long of a term of coverage you need.
  • You received a new phone as a gift (lucky you!). You have a gift receipt for it and want to add your own electronics extended warranty on it.
  • You purchased jewelry for someone as a gift (lucky them!). You want to confirm they like it and it fits before getting them a jewelry protection plan on it.
  • You ordered several options for ski jackets online. You want to wait to try them on to know which one to keep before getting a plan on it.

How to get an extended warranty post-purchase

You can get a warranty post-purchase if:

  • It’s a product that is eligible to be covered by warranty (yes to a glass jar, but not to the cookies inside it—sorry!).
  • You have a receipt for proof of purchase and to provide product and cost information.
  • It’s within 120 days of purchase.

Shop with our partners

Many of our retail partners offer post-purchase plan options after you’ve ordered from them. If you’re shopping at Mirror, Pier 1, or another retail partner that offers Mulberry product protection, you’ll often get a chance to add a plan after you’ve submitted an order in your confirmation email. You can click through that email to add a plan easily onto your purchase so you can get protection from day 1.

Get a new plan after a purchase

If you have already bought a product and want to add a plan, you can easily do so with Mulberry Unlimited. Simply open your customer dashboard, enter basic product information, and get Mulberry Unlimited with a few easy clicks.

What about gifts and returns?

If you purchased a gift for someone with a warranty (very thoughtful!), you can change the plan holder to the gift recipient. On your Mulberry customer dashboard, you can view your plan and select the option to transfer it to a new primary plan holder.

For answers to more questions, go to our Mulberry Help Center. With all of these questions, be sure to refer to your plan's specific terms & conditions for a full list of limits, obligations, and exclusions.

And don't forget to subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited for product protection coverage on all your online purchases under the same plan. It's comprehensive, market-leading product protection for the ultimate peace of mind.

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