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The 5 most comfortable desk chairs for your home office

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In the modern working world, many of us spend eight hours a day or more sitting in a desk chair, which can lead to discomfort and long-term back problems. A well-designed desk chair engineered with the human body in mind can significantly enhance your experience and productivity, fix problems you didn’t even know you had, and generally improve your quality of life.

Just as a comfortable chair can protect your back, an extended warranty plan can protect your purchase. While many of the retailers and manufacturers selling these chairs offer their own warranties, they often come up short when it comes to the most complete protection. An extended warranty plan like MulberryCare can give you the peace of mind you need to truly feel your best in your new office chair.

Let’s look at five of the most comfortable and easy-to-enjoy desk chairs that might be an excellent fit for you and your back.

Our top picks for comfortable desk chairs

Not all desk chairs are created equal. Most are poorly designed, neglecting essential features that can negatively impact the human body. The chairs on this list, however, are all precisely crafted, well-reviewed, and come from reputable retailers and manufacturers.

1. Branch Ergonomic Chair

This Italian-made chair comes with eight points of adjustment and a removable lumbar rest. It also supports up to 275 pounds, features an optional headrest, and was voted “Best Office Chair” by publications such as TechRadar, Tom's Guide, and CNN.

The Branch Ergonomic Chair runs on the pricier side at $329, but it might be worthwhile if sitting all day is your norm.

2. Branch Daily Chair

Another Branch desk chair at a lower price point, this one is stylish and modern. It’s recommended for shorter workdays than the more robust Ergonomic Chair, but still provides support, intuitive adjustment options, and natural contours that hug the body.

Coming in at a more mid-range price point of $249, the Branch Daily Chair is also made of 70% recycled materials.

3. Herman Miller Embody Chair

This high-end office chair comes in various colors and features “Pixelated Support” that eliminates pressure buildup and adheres to micro-movements. It’s incredibly comfortable and also aids with posture correction.

That comfort comes at a price, however, and this chair will set you back $1,885.

4. Varier Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Varier’s innovative kneeling chair offers increased functionality and a diverse range of seating position options. It’s made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester and features a useful backrest not found on most kneeling chairs.

For $549, this is an expensive chair to take a risk on, but that's what extended warranties are for, right?

5. Nouhaus Ergonomic Leather Chair

This leather desk chair has 5 levels of lumbar support, flippable armrests, and comfortable curves. Buyers love the TiltRock feature that provides a relaxing rocking sensation.

It also won't break the bank, at $319, and is available in three colors. A white desk chair might be a controversial choice for some, so it also comes in black and taupe.

Why you should get an extended warranty for your desk chair

Each of these desk chairs are high-quality choices that are certain to improve your workflow and the experience of sitting at your desk each day. As with any furniture purchase, however, it’s advised to safeguard your items with an extended warranty to ensure you’ll enjoy them for years.

Limited manufacturer warranties often neglect coverage for wear and tear, or options for damage resulting from specific causes and are only valid for short-term periods.

Shop with Mulberry's free browser extension and let it do the research on various extended warranty plans for you. Check out unique financial offers, enjoy effortless savings, and get free product protection for three months.

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