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Home office must-haves: Expert reviews and ratings on office supplies

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Working from home isn’t just a phase, it’s a lifestyle—so curating the perfect home office is essential if you want to show up as your best self every day. While there are plenty of things you might want to add to your office setup at home, let’s focus on the essentials of home office supplies and furniture to keep you running at peak productivity.

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What office furniture does every home office need?

No matter the nature of your work, every home office should have quality furniture. Consider the following for your home office supplies list:

  • Office desk. Of course, no home office setup would be complete without a desk. Try to find one that provides you with plenty of space for work tasks, and consider how much storage space you might need.
  • Office chair. If you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk, a chair that provides support is crucial.
  • Storage solutions. Consider the space you’re working with and think about where you might benefit from shelves, filing cabinets, and other storage units.
  • Lighting. If you want to reduce eye strain and feel more capable of working longer hours, make sure your office is set up with adequate lighting.
  • Ergonomic accessories. Investing in ergonomic accessories like keyboards, mousepads, and wrist rests is important if you want to avoid injury.

What are some good websites to buy an office desk?

If you’re shopping online, make sure you have the Mulberry browser extension installed, and consider some of the following online retailers:

  • Wayfair. Known for its attractive price points and wide range of options, Wayfair has office furniture in all shapes and styles to fit high and low budgets.

  • Amazon. Everyone knows what a great resource Amazon is for all kinds of products. It can be a great place to find office supplies too, just make sure you read plenty of reviews before making a purchase, so you know what to expect.
  • IKEA. Synonymous with affordable furniture solutions, IKEA offers a wide array of stylish office desks at different price points to suit a range of needs and personal preferences.
  • Office Depot. Well-known as an excellent resource for home office supplies, Office Depot also offers a great selection of desks to fit a range of tastes.
  • Home Depot. Home Depot office supplies might be more limited than others, but they have durable and reliable desks and other furniture that are worth considering.

Where can I buy modular office furniture?

Most larger retailers will have some kind of modular furniture, but IKEA and Wayfair are both great resources for this style.

What is the best office chair for the money?

Ergonomic experts love The Union & Scale FlexFit Hyken Mesh Task Chair—available at Staples for just $179.99.

What is the best office chair for working on computers?

According to several online reviews, the Branch Ergonomic Chair is an exceptional overall choice, and at $349, it’s not too far out of reach for most budgets, if you consider how long you’ll keep it for.

What's the best ergonomic office chair?

Ergonomic office chairs can get expensive, but for good reason. Professionals love the Herman Miller Aeron Chair because it provides support in all the right places, making it easier to stay productive throughout the workday. At $1,750 it might be a better fit for higher budgets, but it’s still worth the investment.

The best way to protect all of your home office supplies

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