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The best alternatives to Prime Day

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As many of the 200 million members of Amazon Prime will undoubtedly tell you: there’s nothing quite like Prime Day. Every year, Amazon Prime members sit on the edge of their seats, waiting to score the perfect deal. From large electronics to simple household items, loyal Prime members can enjoy savings on hundreds of their favorite products. It’s like the Olympics of shopping!

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What are the best Prime Day alternatives?

Unfortunately, Prime Day only comes once a year–meaning that if you’re waiting for Prime Day to score the perfect deal, you’ll probably be waiting for a while. And for those who aren’t Prime members, you won’t get to enjoy Prime Day at all unless you purchase a membership. Luckily though, there are plenty of other days in the year to land some massive savings. Let’s take a look at some of the best alternatives to Prime Day:

Target Deal Days

Although there is less hype surrounding it, Target Deal Days is one of the best alternatives to Prime Day. So what are Target Deal Days? Twice a year, Target launches a massive savings event to compete with Prime Day. Target usually plans the dates of the July Target Deal Day around Prime Day (typically a couple of days before), and offers exceptional deals with the hopes of attracting some of Amazon’s would-be Prime Day shoppers.

There are two major differences between Target Deal Days and Prime Day. First, Target Deal Days happen twice a year, compared to Amazon’s single annual Prime Day. Second, Target Deal Days don’t require a membership fee–instead, they’re open to everyone. Whether you’re an Amazon Prime member or not, be sure to keep an eye on Target Deal Days. You might find that some items are an even better deal than what you’d find on Prime Day!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Another highly anticipated annual shopping event is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Typically occurring in the peak of summer, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a great time to save on high-quality home, beauty and fashion items that you might not want to splurge on when they are at their full price. For beauty and skincare that you frequently use, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the perfect time to stock up.

Unfortunately, to fully take advantage of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, you really need to be a cardmember. Card members get early access to the sale–and not early access by a few hours–we’re talking days of early access. For those who aren’t card members, most items and deals are usually pretty picked over by the time the sale opens up to the public, which can be pretty disappointing when you’ve waited all year for the sale! Overall, we recommend focusing your efforts on another sale if you aren’t a card member–however, it doesn’t hurt to scan the deals when the sale goes public.

Walmart Deals for Days

If Target and Amazon host major sale events in the same time period, is it really any surprise that Walmart does too? In an event similar to Target Deal Days, Walmart Deals for Days is a multi-day period where anyone can land incredible savings on a huge variety of items. Whether you’re planning ahead for Christmas or just want to pull the trigger on that new purchase you’ve been eyeing, Walmart Deals for Days is definitely worth looking into.

Black Friday in July

Last but not least, chances are good you’re familiar with Black Friday, but have you heard of Black Friday in July? An impromptu second Black Friday, but this time in midsummer, has become the norm among many major retailers. So if you’re hoping to score a deal outside of Walmart, Target, Nordstrom, or Amazon, be sure to check other retailers for even more savings opportunities.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re an Amazon Prime member or not, relying solely on Prime Day to score all of your savings is not only setting yourself up for disappointment, it’s also unnecessary. Thanks to other major sales events, such as the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Walmart Deals for Days, and Target Deal Days, there are plenty of opportunities to score big savings–and some deals might be even better than what you could find at Prime Day.

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