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The best money-saving hacks for shopping at Target

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Everybody loves Target, and we all know that you can’t go into Target just for the one thing you need—no matter how hard you try, you’re going to walk out with at least a few more items than you intended.

With so many exciting Target purchases, it's important to keep product protection in mind. An extended warranty plan can ensure everything from your electronics to furniture to appliances and more are covered in the event of an accident, damage, or even just normal wear and tear. Shop with the Mulberry browser extension for guaranteed peace of mind.

Now, let’s talk about the most cost-effective ways to make those Target runs worthwhile so you can continue to enjoy yourself while also saving money.

Clear out the deals in the clearance section

It’s always a good idea to look around the clearance section, and Target clearance has some special features that make it an even better deal than average.

  • Target discounts in the clearance section generally run from 30% to 70% off. That’s quite a range!
  • Each Target store has a different clearance schedule, so you should check with your favorite location to see what their markdown schedule is. Once you know the days of regular markdowns, you can trust that items will be further marked down every two weeks, if they’re in stock.

Make the most of price match

Everyone knows how bad it feels to buy something and then later find out you could have gotten it for cheaper, and Target is no exception. The Target price match program is there to save the day.

  • The item has to be identical, from the brand down to the size, color, and model number.
  • Price matches must either be requested at the time of purchase or within two weeks after.
  • If you find the deal after your purchase, you just need to bring proof back to the Target store to have your price adjusted.

Remember, every retailer’s price match policy is different, so it’s best to get familiar with them before you try to get that deal.

I need a dollar

Move over Dollar Tree, because there’s a new dollar spot in town. It’s located inside Target, and it’s called the Bullseye playground. If you’re a regular Target shopper, you’re probably already familiar with the phenomenon, and if you aren’t, now’s the time to get up to speed. Next time you’re in your local Target store, poke around for the fun and surprising section. It’s usually located near the front of the store and the cash registers.

Cards and cheats

These days, many stores offer store-affiliated credit cards as a way to gain points and save money. Target RedCard holders get free two-day shipping from Target.com, no annual fee, and a consistent 5% off at Target stores or online. It’s different than a backend savings program like many credit cards have, but the frontend savings will appeal to many shoppers. Consistent customers will benefit from this credit card.

If you want to really get down and dirty with the Target sales, we suggest you make your own markdown cheat sheet. You can create one by using the tactics we’ve suggested in this piece, along with the things you’ve noticed at your local Target store.

Protect your purchases with Mulberry

To save even more or protect any of the purchases you make at Target, shop with the Mulberry browser extension. Shopping with Mulberry gives you the ability to earn rewards and view a range of product protection plans on your items in real time.

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