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The difference between a standard and extended manufacturer warranty

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Are you swimming in a sea of different warranty plans and wondering what the difference between them truly is? There is a lot of jargon thrown out by manufacturers like limited, extended, and standard manufacturer warranties, but what is the difference between your standard coverage and an extended warranty, and which one do you need? In this article, we explain what each warranty is and what they cover so you can become a smarter shopper.

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What is a standard manufacturer warranty?

A standard manufacturer warranty is the type of coverage that comes with most purchases. It is a promise from the manufacturer that their product will perform to a specified standard for a given duration, and that they will cover any issues during that timeframe. These warranties are typically limited to faults and errors that can be attributed to a manufacturing mistake, as opposed to an accident or break on the part of the customer.

What is an extended manufacturer warranty?

An extended warranty is also known as a service agreement. It is an additional warranty offered to customers that may provide product coverage for a longer period of time or include additional services for various types of electrical parts or damage. Customers can typically purchase an extended warranty from the manufacturer, retailer, or a third-party warranty provider, like Mulberry.

What are the similarities and differences between standard and extended warranties?

Whereas in a standard manufacturer warranty the coverage may be limited to a select few parts of the item, like the car’s battery and air conditioning system only, in an extended warranty, this list may be longer to provide more holistic coverage of a range of parts.

Extended warranties are often more expensive because of this additional coverage, but are also likely to pay off in the end, holding the potential to save customers hundreds of thousands of dollars since they avoid having to fully replace major purchases.

The limited scope of coverage in a standard warranty can be a type of extended warranty, highlighting the need to actually purchase additional coverage if you actually want your items and finances to be secure.

Common products and their warranties

Here are some products you may own, and an explanation of their warranty coverage type.

  • OtterBox. The OtterBox warranty replacement policy is a limited warranty, which means the coverage is restricted to a designated time frame depending on the product. It does not inherently provide extended warranty coverage, and customers will need to purchase this elsewhere.
  • Zagg. These screen protectors come with a standard manufacturer warranty, but the company makes it simple to ask for a Zagg warranty replacement by filing your claim online.
  • Lowe’s. This retailer offers extensive warranty options across their various product types. The Lowe's extended warranty includes parts and labor, replacements, fixes, and power surge protection. You can shop their warranty plans online and add protection to your purchases.

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