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What to look for in a standard manufacturer warranty

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Most products you purchase that are considered expensive, big-ticket items will come with some sort of manufacturer warranty. But how can you know that the warranty actually covers what you need? There are some key elements to look out for when you get into the fine print of any standard warranty plan, and being informed can be the difference is saving thousands of dollars.

Extended warranties are an extension of standard manufacturer warranty coverage, and can help save you money in the long run. Although they are often more expensive than a manufacturer warranty initially, they typically provide coverage for a range of potential accidents and damages that aren't covered under manufacturer warranties.

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What is a manufacturer warranty?

A manufacturer warranty is a guarantee from the product manufacturer ensuring that the item will perform to a certain standard. The warranty also indicates that any faults or damages that prevent the item from delivering on its promise will be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer if the damage is proven to be caused by a manufacturing error.

However, a manufacturer warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage or breaks that result from dropping, overuse, spilling, etc. Those damages are the responsibility of the customer. To cover accidental damage of that nature, you have to purchase additional product protections and warranties, which we discuss in more detail below.

What does limited lifetime warranty mean?

A limited lifetime warranty protects a product from manufacturer faults, but not wear and tear. The "lifetime" refers to a duration of time that the item is promised to perform to a certain standard, and the coverage and protection of the product is limited to that timeframe. With some limited warranties, only part of the repair costs are covered, or only in certain circumstances.

If you have a limited warranty on your product, you will want to speak to your salesperson to find out the coverage details so you can understand where you are still exposed to risk and may need to seek additional protection.

What you want your manufacturer warranty to include

You will want to ensure your manufacturer warranty covers not only the replaced parts or items, but also the repairs in terms of the labor needed to fix your item. These are the two main components you will want to look out for and confirm so that you can be sure that if your product has a fault due to a manufacturer error, you aren't liable for any of those costs within an eligible scenario.

Some warranty examples

Depending on the retailer, product type, and category of your purchase, you will see different terms for your product within a manufacturer’s warranty. Here are some examples:

  • OtterBox warranty. This company outlines its warranty coverage, which varies depending on whether the item is from the outdoor collection, a smartphone case, or a mobile accessory. Ranging from 1-7 years, their warranty terms cover manufacturing, materials and workmanship issues, and they make it possible to submit your claim online.
  • Outdoor equipment from Walmart. Walmart offers a standard or accidental plan for all purchases. When you buy outdoor equipment like a lawn mower, within the standard plan you would see mechanical and electrical failures, power issues, and abnormal breakdowns covered. The accidental plan would cover additional circumstances like water damage.
  • AppleCare. If you buy your phone or laptop through Apple, you can get an extended warranty through AppleCare. The standard coverage does not include accidental damage—like phone screen cracks—but AppleCare+ is their premium option, which does offer accidental damage coverage to customers.

Where to get coverage for everything else

If you aren't satisfied with the coverage you get from your standard manufacturer warranty, consider buying additional product protection through Mulberry.

With Mulberry Unlimited, you can get coverage for a range of accidents and damages for all your online purchases for just $9.99 a month.

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