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Why you need an extended warranty for your Solo Stove

solo stove at campsite

Whether you're on a camping trip deep in the wilderness or hanging out in your own backyard, there's nothing like gathering around a fire pit and enjoying the company of family and friends. And, if you're looking for a fire pit that can do both without all the smoke and mess, Solo Stove offers an array of options that can transform any outdoor space. With accessories like a Solo Stove grill, Solo Stove griddle, and the Solo Stove heat deflector, it's one of the most adaptable fire pits on the market today.

As with any purchase of this size, however, it's important to keep product protection in mind. Even with a manufacturer's warranty, you might not be covered for all the potential damage your Solo Stove could incur. With Mulberry Unlimited, you can get complete and total coverage for your Solo Stove and all its accessories for its entire lifespan. If you're bringing a Solo Stove on your next camping trip, you'll want to make sure it has the best product protection available.

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What's the difference between an extended warranty and a manufacturer's warranty?

An extended warranty and a manufacturer's warranty are two very different protection plans that contrast in both coverage period and price.

A manufacturer's warranty is offered directly from the product manufacturer, and typically only provides coverage that ranges from 30 days to one year. They are often limited in the scope of coverage they offer, which usually pertains solely to manufacturer defects. Additionally, they come with fine print and stipulations that are designed to save the manufacturer from having to pay for repair and replacement costs.

An extended warranty is coverage you can purchase in addition to the manufacturer's warranty, and is designed to increase the length and benefits of your initial warranty plan. Although extended warranties cost more, they provide peace of mind that if your product breaks or is damaged, you'll be covered.

What does the manufacturer's warranty cover for your Solo Stove?

Solo Stove offers a lifetime warranty on its products, although it only covers manufacturer defects. Additionally, if your stove is damaged due to misuse, and repair attempts are unsuccessful, Solo Stove will extend a one-time courtesy offer that allows you to purchase a new Solo Stove product for 50% off.

This leaves you on the hook for replacing or repairing the stove should any sort of damage or accident occur over the course of its life. And with a portable stove that you're lugging around everywhere from camping trips to tailgates, plenty is liable to happen that you'll want to be covered for.

Types of Solo Stove fire pits

There are several different types of fire pits that come in a range of Solo Stove sizes and with different functionality. Each of these stoves is eligible for coverage under Mulberry Unlimited, so you can subscribe before you shop.

Solo Stove Yukon

The Solo Stove Yukon is the largest fire pit offered. It is 27 inches in diameter, 17 inches tall, and weighs over 40 pounds. Like all Solo Stoves, the Yukon is smokeless, stainless, steel, and can be taken anywhere from the backyard to the mountains.

Solo Stove Mesa

The Solo Stove Mesa is the newest addition to the fire pit line, and is also the smallest and least expensive. Billed as a "tabletop fire pit", it is just over 5 inches in diameter, nearly 7 inches tall, and weighs barely more than 1 pound. The Mesa has the ability to run on wood pellets in addition to regular firewood, and comes in 6 colors (including our favorite: Mulberry!).

Solo Stove Bonfire

The Solo Stove Bonfire is the best-selling Solo Stove. It is just over 19 inches in diameter, 14 inches tall, and weighs about 23 pounds. You can also utilize some Solo Stove accessories with Bonfire, including the Solo Stove pizza oven the Cast Iron Cooktops, and Hub for open-flame cooking.

Solo Stove Ranger

The Solo Stove Ranger is listed as the post portable fire pit Solo Stove offers. It covers 15 inches in diameter, stands 12.5 inches tall, and weighs in at 15 pounds, making it super easy to carry.

Why you need an extended warranty for your Solo Stove

Although Solo Stove offers its own limited manufacturer's warranty, it only covers specific manufacturer defects, and doesn't provide the most complete protection.

An extended warranty is the only way to ensure your Solo Stove is covered in the event of any kind of damage. While extended warranties can add extra costs to an already-expensive item, it's worth purchasing additional protection so you can use your Solo Stove without having to worry about potential problems.

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