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What a positive customer warranty experience should look like

Most customers have a lot of experience with, well, having bad experiences. Nearly half of customers (47%) switched to a new brand because of a negative customer experience.

A negative customer experience with a warranty plan is an unfortunately common situation. Top that with overpriced coverage, underwhelming coverage, confusing plans and terms, long wait times, and complicated claim-filing processes, it's no wonder many people shy away from product protection and extended warranties. A frustrating experience with customer service is the first thing that will make you look elsewhere for a new brand or service provider.

Thankfully, between our Mulberry Unlimited subscription and excellent customer service team, Mulberry strives to change that experience. Let's take a look at what a positive customer experience should look like.

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Keys to a positive customer experience

We strive to create an experience that is helpful, easy to understand, and solves your issues quickly. Here are the top elements we look at (and any customer service team should be mindful of) to ensure you have a great experience:

1. Transparency

In a positive warranty experience, you should clearly understand the terms of the plan, the various associated costs and the value of the coverage you're receiving. Too many claim filings get denied because of “gotcha” clauses—small details in the plan terms that prevent your claim from getting approved. With increased transparency, you don't have to worry about surprise costs at checkout or during the claim-filing process.

2. Easy purchase process

You can sign up for a warranty plan during checkout, or right after your purchase. The warranty options and term lengths are clear, and it is easy for you to see the cost associated with each plan. You don't have to read and agree to lots of long forms with complicated terms. It's simple to attach your warranty plan, activate your account, and view your plans.

3. Clear steps to file and handle claims

If you need to file a claim, you know exactly where to go and what to do. You don’t have to dig through paperwork to find an old receipt and order numbers. Clear direction as to how to file a claim means you won't waste time searching your inbox or the retailer website for information. You'll be able to follow the claims processing online and easily see the status of your claim.

4. Communication with a real person

This is a big one - a great customer experience starts with real communication. It should be very easy to get in touch with the customer service team, whether via phone, email or chat. They should be accessible and respond quickly. Being able to get an answer from a knowledgeable person, rather than getting passed off from representative to representative (or worse, an automated system), makes all the difference in the world.

5. Fast timeline for resolution

A fast timeline means you get a decision on your claim quickly, and you're not left waiting weeks for an answer. A study found that 12% of people report lack of speed as their biggest customer service frustration.

Our team wants to help resolve your issues as quickly as possible. The online chat within your Mulberry dashboard allows you to file your claim in just a few clicks, but we are always here to answer any questions you have. A positive digital customer experience and constantly striving to create new customer experience solutions is just part of what makes up the Mulberry Difference.

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