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Understanding the fine print of Amazon warranties

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If you shop on Amazon, chances are you have an affinity for convenience. When it comes to protecting your purchases, understanding the fine print of your warranty agreement is essential.

Not all warranties are created equal, and Amazon offers several different types of warranties for different types of products. While some products may come with a manufacturer's warranty, others may have an Amazon-provided warranty.

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What are the basics of Amazon warranties?

It's important to safeguard your purchases by reading the fine print and keeping yourself in the loop. Let's take a look at the different types of warranties Amazon has to offer.

Basic Amazon warranty coverage

Depending on the item you’re looking to purchase, you might be entitled to an Amazon warranty. This applies to Amazon electronics like Kindle e-readers and accessories. Covered items fall into three main Amazon warranty categories:

  • 90-day limited warranty for Amazon devices or accessories.
  • One-year limited warranty for Amazon devices or accessories.
  • Worry-free guarantee (two-year) limited warranty: Protect a new or certified refurbished product for up to two years from the date of purchase. Applies to defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.

Ultimately, the most coverage you’re going to get from this standard warranty is two years against malfunctions related to materials and workmanship. Accidental damage, loss, and theft are not covered.

Amazon’s expert protection plan

If you’re looking for some kind of Amazon home warranty, the Amazon expert protection plan offers coverage and support for smart home devices.

  • Accidental damage. Provides coverage for accidental damage such as drops, liquid damage, or cracks that occur during normal use.
  • Mechanical breakdown. Once the manufacturer's warranty has expired, products in your plan are covered for any failure due to normal wear and tear and regular handling.
  • Tech support. Full access to expert support over the phone or in your home. If for any reason your product cannot be fixed, you will get a replacement.

Coverage begins from the day you purchase your eligible device, so even when you’re still within the original manufacturer's warranty period, you’ll be covered for accidental damage. For a list of eligible devices, check for a welcome email related to your smart home purchases, or locate your devices within your Amazon account.

Additional product protection from Asurion

If you aren’t purchasing an Amazon device, you can get coverage through an Asurion protection plan. If you want to really live with peace of mind, you need coverage that protects you from accidental damage and other incidents you can’t predict.

Keep in mind that Asurion offers plans both with and without accidental damage protection. So, you should always make sure you check the coverage you’re getting before you purchase anything.

Common plan pricing includes:

  • 4-year television protection plan ($1,500-$1,999.99 value): $167.99
  • 3-year electronics protection plan ($1,500-$1,999.99 value): $133.99
  • 3-year electronics protection plan ($200-$249.99 value): $33.99
  • 3-year electronics protection plan ($175-$199.99 value): $21.99

Filing your Amazon warranty claim

Of course, it’s not good news if you need to file an Amazon warranty claim, but it’s much easier to deal with when you have the right coverage. Make sure you have your product information handy if you want to call in for assistance, or you can go through your Amazon portal page and locate the device you want to file an Amazon warranty claim.


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