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Exploring the fine print of a standard manufacturer warranty

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When’s the last time you actually read the thick manual that accompanied your purchase of a tablet, hair dryer, toaster, or any other electronic tool? We don’t blame you for skipping the fine print, and we are here to provide you the most important information you need to know on everything contained in your manufacturer warranty pamphlet.

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What is a manufacturer warranty?

Your standard manufacturer warranty is a guarantee that your product will perform to a certain standard within a specified time frame. There can be significant variation in this promise, but for example, you may see a 2-year manufacturer warranty on a new refrigerator, phone, or air fryer that you purchase. These warranties cover damage that can be attributed to manufacturing errors, but do not cover theft or lost items, or any damage that was caused because of an accident.

Common warranty terms and what they mean

When you read the fine print to begin to understand what is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you will come across some common terms that differentiate what exactly the manufacturer is promising with your product. Here are a few common terms to know, as well as some examples of these warranty conditions in action.

Lifetime warranty

A lifetime warranty is what designates the period during which the manufacturer will replace defective parts or products. This can be a duration set like 1-2 years, or some high-performing brands may promise a warranty for an endless amount of time, building trust with their customers and expressing their dedication to quality care.

  • Example. The tool brand Craftsman offers a full lifetime warranty with many of their products. The brand boasts some of the best warranty coverage on the market, and the Craftsman lifetime warranty stipulates that they will replace any tool that fails to perform, including hammers, screwdrivers, hex keys, finishing tools, and much more.

Limited warranty

A limited warranty means that the company is promising to cover either the repairs of specified parts, or full replacement parts, but not the labor required to execute those repairs. Be sure to read the terms of a limited warranty to ensure that you are actually getting coverage that will make a difference.

  • Example. The North Face limited warranty covers products for a designated lifetime, and only applies to the original customer who purchased the item. Additionally, footwear is not covered within this policy and has its own set of rules within a one-year warranty agreement.

Limited lifetime warranty

A limited lifetime warranty covers some damage within a period of time that is outlined as the lifetime of the product. Like the limited warranty, this product protection may only cover designated parts, or just the item and not the labor needed to cover the repairs.

  • Example. Car batteries at Advanced Auto Parts are covered under a limited lifetime warranty, which excludes wear and tear and is in place to protect customers from manufacturing defects.

How to get accidental coverage?

If you need coverage beyond what is offered by your standard warranty, you can purchase additional product protection which covers accidents as well as wear and tear.

Mulberry Unlimited offers coverage for a range of products, including computers, tablets, furniture, and more. With Mulberry Unlimited, you'll be able to get coverage for all your online purchases under the same product protection plan, giving you the ultimate peace of mind.

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