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Wayfair, Ashley, Macy's: The skinny on extended furniture warranties

Protect your furniture purchase with Mulberry

Furniture is a significant investment and in many cases, it makes sense to protect your purchase beyond the limited manufacturer's warranty. You're likely buying the piece of furniture hoping it lasts for many years. With so many warranty options, how do you know you're getting the best coverage at a reasonable price? Furniture retailers often offer extended warranty options during the checkout process, but they usually provided limited information unless you dig into the fine print. Don't get forced into adding an extended warranty before you know exactly what you're signing up for. You have options.

Are extended furniture warranties worth it?

What happens when your pet rips your couch or your kid spills grape juice on it (as you're rethinking the decision to go with natural linen)? Your manufacturer’s warranty won’t cover these accidents, so you’re either left staring at the purple splotch or footing an expensive bill to clean the couch.

Most extended furniture warranties will protect you in these situations, but each provider covers different things. Check out this post for more information on what to look for when you're evaluating a furniture protection plan. We looked at a few popular retailers to see what you can expect from their extended warranty coverage options, and what may surprise you.

Wayfair Furniture Warranty

Wayfair offers three furniture warranty options through Allstate, Uniters, and Warrantech. The type of furniture you purchase determines which warranty they offer. A Warrantech protection plan will only cover replacement or repair costs for mechanical or electrical failure due to defects in materials or workmanship.

Allstate and Uniters protection plans will cover some accidental damages, but there are many exclusions. Most plans are available in 3- or 5-year terms and typically cover:

  • Accidental stains
  • Broken hardware
  • Damage like ripped seams, tears and punctures
  • Manufacturer’s defects (after the manufacturer’s warranty expires)

They do provide complete lists of all exclusions, so do your research before you purchase a plan to ensure there's more included than excluded from the coverage. Often the extended warranties offered through the retailer websites are more expensive than other coverage options, like MulberryCare. For this Gunvald Sectional, Allstate offers a 3-year extended warranty plan for $46.99 compared to a comparable 3-year MulberryCare plan that would only cost you $38.99.

Ashley Furniture Warranty

The Ashley Furniture warranty is offered through ProtectAll. The plan covers the following:

  • Stains and drink marks
  • Rips and tears (excluding seams)
  • Burns and scratches (as long as it doesn't penetrate the surface)
  • Chipped or broken glass (but only for certain pieces)
  • Bubbling veneer (only for wood)
  • Broken mechanisms (indoor furniture)
  • Sun fading

However, the list of what an Ashley Furniture protection plan won’t cover is extensive. Coverage typically excludes animal damage, pilling or loss of resiliency, cracked vinyl or leather, and accumulated damages that aren’t from a single issue. The coverage also depends on the material type as there are different exclusions for fabric, leather and wood. This leaves a lot of room for interpretation, which could lead to your damage not being covered. The lowest-priced plan starts at $59.99, which is pretty pricey compared to alternatives like MulberryCare. 

Z Gallerie Furniture Warranty

The Z Gallerie furniture warranty is offered through Extend. The plan coverage is fairly vague, stating it covers rips, tears and stains caused by food, kids and pets for up to 5 years. It will also cover mechanical or electrical failures if the product should stop working with regular use. Extend will repair or replace covered defective items, and there’s no deductible. It is very difficult to find a complete list of inclusions and exclusions for the coverage, which could be a red flag. Coverage details should be clear, upfront and easily understood; if you find that isn't the case when you're reviewing coverage options, you may want to keep looking.

Value City Furniture Warranty

The Value City furniture warranty is offered through Pure Promise. It only offers one option - a 5-year protection plan on your furniture. The plan covers stains, accidents, and structural damage to fabric, leather, and wood items, though the exclusions vary based on the material. Some of the covered items include:

  • Rips and tears from adults and kids
  • Burns
  • Punctures from adults or kids
  • Structural damage, including glass breakage

They don’t mention whether they cover damage from pets or normal wear and tear, which could be another red flag. They do offer you store credit equal to what you paid for your plan if you don't use the coverage. 

Macy’s Furniture Warranty

Macy’s also offers only one option - the UltimatePlan Protection Plan is a 5-year limited plan. The plan includes the following (but pay close attention to the exclusions):

  • Accidental stains from humans
  • Structural damage
  • Pet damage from claws or teeth
  • Seam damage
  • Glass breakage
  • Burns
  • Cracked or gouged wood
  • Electrical failures
  • Nail polish remover stains

However, the coverage terms very clearly state that the limited protection plan does not cover everyday soiling from normal use, accumulation, multiple stains, unidentified stains, spills or damage not attended to properly. This clause is fairly detailed when it comes to what is not included, and it also could mean the damage assessment is subjective, depending on what it means to the person reviewing your claim. That said, Macy's living room furniture selection is especially wide-ranging, and covers lots of different brand names. Macy's warranty is on the higher end of the scale, starting at a minimum of $99 for furniture coverage. They will offer a store credit valued at the price of your protection plan if you don't initiate a claim during the 5 years of service.

The skinny on extended furniture warranties

Each of the furniture warranty plans discussed above come at an optional, additional cost to your furniture purchase. You can buy a plan at the time you purchase your furniture, or usually for a short time after the purchase depending on the provider. Each provider has pros and cons, which largely depend on the type of coverage you're looking for. If the exclusions don't apply to you, you might not have to worry about what isn't covered. Generally the more exclusions you see, the more difficult it may be to get your claim approved. Many of the coverage options are pricey, and if you're willing to do some research you'll probably be able to find comparable (or more comprehensive) coverage for less.

The Mulberry Difference

Mulberry is a people-first product protection provider. What does that mean? We care about you, and we want to offer you the best coverage for the lowest price. You should be able to enjoy your furniture without fear of damage that leads to expensive repairs or replacement. You can get affordable protection plans through the Mulberry extension that cover the most common damages to your furniture, including stains or spills, rips, and tears, burns and damage from heat, liquid marks and rings, or seam separations. You won't have to pay any deductibles if you file a claim, and there are no hidden fees in our unlimited coverage.

With MulberryCare, we guarantee that you'll always get the lowest-priced extended warranty coverage. That's right - if you find the same coverage for less, we'll match the price. We're here to help you protect your investments, saving you money today and in the long run. 

When you should consider an extended furniture warranty

Extended furniture warranties may not be necessary in all cases, but here are a few reasons Mulberry customers protect their purchases:

  • You have kids or pets – Let’s face it, you can’t have eyes on your kids or pets 24/7, and accidents happen. There will be spills, tears, and damage, so don't stress. Protect your purchase and let Mulberry worry about the solution.
  • You bought expensive furniture – Furniture is an investment, not just a purchase. Protect your investment with a warranty so you can enjoy it for years to come. Rest assured any damage will be repaired or the product replaced, at no cost to you.
  • You don't need one more thing to worry about – Having an extended warranty that protects you in almost any situation can provide incredible peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy your furniture instead of stressing about it.

An extended furniture warranty doesn’t have to break the bank, either. We know you’re already spending a lot of money on the furniture, and you probably didn't budget for extended warranty coverage. With MulberryCare, you get exceptional coverage you can afford.


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