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10 damages a manufacturer's warranty won't cover

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Whether you’re having issues with kitchen appliances, furniture, or even your kid’s Xbox, it’s crucial that you know what is and isn’t covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty. There’s nothing worse than going to the trouble of submitting a warranty claim only for it to be denied, and unexpectedly finding yourself on the hook for repair and/or replacement costs.

The typical manufacturer’s warranty will cover any repair or replacement for damage that stems from the manufacturing process. Outside of product malfunctions or defects due to a manufacturing error, you'll be paying out-of-pocket. However, you have a protection plan like Mulberry Unlimited, you're covered no matter what. Subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited to get coverage for all your online purchases under the same product protection plan, so you'll be covered in case of accidents, damage, and more.

Now, lets take a look at ten things your manufacturer's warranty won’t cover:

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1.  Misuse or abuse

If a product becomes damaged because it was used for the wrong purpose or used to a capacity that exceeds its functional capability, you won’t be eligible for repair or replacement. For example, if you put items down the garbage disposal it isn't build to grind up and one day it breaks, a repairman might be able to see it’s due to user error and has nothing to do with the technical or physical capability of the machine.

2. Modifications to the original product

Be careful not to make any modifications to the product that might render it unqualified for a warranty repair. Sometimes people will “jailbreak” certain tech devices, which can sound appealing if it gives you access to special features or custom builds. However, you can say goodbye to any warranty protection your phone, tablet, or computer may have had.

3. Neglect or lack of maintenance

Some products will require a certain level of attention and/or regular maintenance to keep them operating at their best. If your damages are in any way due to user neglect and a lack of routine maintenance, the manufacturer won’t cover the repair. Maintenance requirements should be listed in the warranty agreement, so be sure to check what you're on the hook for so your warranty doesn't become null and void.

4. Damage caused by natural disasters or environmental factors

Natural disasters and environmental factors can be unpredictable, and the manufacturer will not assume responsibility for any damage they cause. Make sure you take care to protect your appliances and other valuable items from potential environmental damage due to weather and hazardous conditions.

5. Prior unauthorized repairs

In order to keep your appliances eligible for a warranty claim, you can’t have any unauthorized repairs done for any reason. This will also make your manufacturer's warranty null and void.

6.  Part or component not covered within the contract

Sometimes you’ll get a longer period of coverage for specific parts, like the tub inside your washing machine, that are expected to outlast the typical one-year manufacturer’s warranty contract. Make sure you know which parts are and aren’t protected before you file a claim for a part that was only covered for the first year.

7.  Water damage

Manufacturers will not consider themselves liable for any water damage to your devices, appliances, furniture, and other items you might have under warranty. For example, AppleCare does not cover water damage to your phone. The iPhone water damage repair cost can be steep, and it's also not guaranteed to work.

8.  Wear and tear

Nothing is expected to last forever, so if you want to be protected for regular wear and tear, you’re going to need to look into a product protection plan like Mulberry Unlimited. Manufacturers will not cover damage from 'normal use,' which is highly subjective and likely to end in a denied claim.

9.  Tampering

If it’s clear that someone might have tried to troubleshoot a problem themselves before having a repair representative stop by, it could invalidate the warranty contract. Unless you know what you're doing and you're confident you can fix your own device, it's best to take it to a professional if you want the warranty to cover any future repairs.

10.  Damage due to drops

If you drop your product and it becomes damaged (ie: your phone screen cracks), the manufacturer will not be able to provide a free repair or replacement.

Get product protection with Mulberry Unlimited

If you want to make sure your most useful and valuable possessions are protected, an extended warranty will protect you against many damages the manufacturer won't cover.

When you subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited, you'll get coverage for all your online purchases under the same product protection plan. You'll never pay any deductibles or hidden fees when you file a claim with Mulberry.

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